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  • froggnot froggnot Feb 26, 2013 9:01 PM Flag

    Will the American people care when they find out the truth about sequestration?

    On Friday March 1, 2013 the so called sequestration, that was proposed by the administration during the summer of 2011 will go into effect.

    Sequestration will cut $85,000,000.000.00 (actually $44,000,000,000.00 between March 1 and September 30, 2013) from the current expenditures of $3,800,000,000,000.00 leaving the government with only $3,715,000,000,000.00 to spend on government programs.

    Based upon these cuts, our "dear leader" has (on a daily basis) warned us about the dangers to our free society if these draconian cuts are allowed to take place.

    The real question is what will happen when the American people discover the real effects of cutting 2.2% from a $3.8 trillion budget.

    What if first responders are able to continue their functions, school children are still able to be educated, and the military is still able to protect us? What if the sequestor happens and no one knows the difference?

    IMHO it should be interesting.

    "In your heart you know he is right."

    The Frogg

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    • If instead of all this finger pointing and threatening of the American people, they would just stop all payments to the members of Congress, their staff, the President and his staff, including cabinet members, this circular firing squad nonsense would be resolved almost overnight.

      The wrong people are being threatened and the wrong people will suffer for the actions and inactions of these fools.

    • Here is the latest straight from the cry babies desk. I just got this e-mail this morning. "There's a good chance you and your family will be directly affected by the disastrous budget cuts scheduled to take effect on Friday.

      These budget cuts -- known as the sequester -- take a sledgehammer to the budget and indiscriminately cut critical programs vital to middle-class families and economic growth." Obama reminds me of the fable of the shepherd that cried WOLF when there was no wolf. I guess he learned it from his "goat herder father" which is another of Obama's fables.

    • Hey fagyes, your boy John #$%$ loved sequestration he got 98% of what he wanted. Did you forget that?

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      • Thank you for reminding me about Speaker Boehner's position on sequestration.

        I guess you missed the point of my post, I'll try again.

        What is going to happen if sequestration is invoked, and the American people realize that all that happened was that spending by the government was kept at the 2012 levels?

        Another way of saying this is, instead of increasing government spending by 2.2% for 2013, the government kept the spending levels the same.

        "In your heart you know he is right."

        The Frogg

    • The truth is that they don't have ti make a lot of cuts. A slight increase in taxes and a effort to expand incomes through investments will help. They need to find new projects/ investments to increase income levels. The expansion of incomes is the key to economic growth. They must get people back to work, even if it is at lower wages. I don't think we can afford to fall into a classical trap where people refuse to work at lower wages ( 3.5 percent of the unemployed....these are the people of concern...A 4 percent unemployment rate is in theory closer to full employment). We need to get people back to work to generate aggregate income. This is the key.

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      • The truth is that the President agreed to this program and now wants to change the rules of the game. He does this all the time. He was offered an out against indiscriminate cuts by the Republicans to stick with the cut levels, but allow the government to be selective about where the cuts were made. He refused. He will not and never has compromised with anyone on his ideas. He thinks he is a God.

        Now the fun is starting with the release of the illegal immigrants from prison. At first it was stated that the President didn't order this and neither did Big Janet. Some low level administrator wanting to look good ordered it. Now it is coming out in the NY Times that a release was ordered by ICE over a week ago and that is was to release 26% of their prison population. This is a much higher percentage than their budget cuts and there were not at capacity before the releases, so they should have had funds sufficient to not require the release of anyone.

        This is taking on flavors of Benghazi...the right hand apparently doesn't know what the left is doing or at least which lies the other is telling. It's the old political ploy, when in doubt confuse them with bulls%$# and they won't catch you!

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