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  • lavendarsen lavendarsen Feb 28, 2013 4:12 PM Flag

    Be careful after dark, you never know who roams the streets now

    You are out after dark and those non White fellas speaking a foreign language are walking toward you. What should you do? Run?

    It might be one of the illegal aliens Massa Bongo Bongo let out of jail. Set free to terrorize us and show us who rules us now?

    The Massa wants to write all kinds of new laws restricting gun ownership. That`s so he can apply those laws against Whites, and ignore them for HIS people-all non European people. It will be sooooooo easy to eliminate us then, dontcha think?

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    • "What should you do? Run? "

      Yes! Head to Captain D's forthwith! Cower in the nearest greasy booth!

      I just can't get over how pathetic you are. . .

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      • I won`t be going anywhere after dark anymore, not even an all White Capt Ds. I live in Florida. Where survellience cameras suddenly are not available for miles around when a middle aged White, with no criminal record, stands their ground and shoots back in self defense against a group of non Whites(the case in Jacksonville)

        Tthe evil White is always guilty regardless, when it is a White`s word against a Colored`s word. Always.

        The goal, which is almost realized, is to first disarm all White people, then make them a vulnerable tiny minority, sitting ducks easily eliminated both by the government and other race who hate them and want to take possession of the country.

        I agree with this guy, if tens of millions of illegal third world immigrants are not legalized how far will Massa Bongo Bongo go in retaliation and in his effort to eliminate our majority:

        "The latest threat of terrorism is coming from the White House and Obama policies, not Iraq or Afghanistan," said William Gheen. "How low will Obama go if he does not get more money or agenda concessions? Will he start opening up the federal prisons next or disable our nuclear deterrent capabilities? How long will Congress and American citizens put up with these threats from the White House?"

        Also from that same article on the release of illegal alien prisoners:

        'The fact that US Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham just emerged smiling from a closed door meeting with Obama regarding immigration reform amnesty on the backdrop of these threats shows an agenda in motion. McCain and Graham are thumbing their noses at a new Reuters poll showing 70% of Republicans, and a majority of all Americans, want illegal immigrants deported instead of being allowed to stay in America.'

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