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  • wilkes71 wilkes71 Mar 8, 2013 11:35 AM Flag

    More bull from Organizing for Action

    Two years ago the Republicans compromised and accepted Obama's proposal for much smaller cuts in spending than the Republicans wanted. Now it came time to make good on his proposal and this is what Obama does:
    "Last week, devastating budget cuts went into effect because Congress failed to compromise -- with some Republicans choosing to protect tax loopholes for millionaires and billionaires over programs that millions of middle-class families rely on."
    That is what the Republicans get for "bargaining with the devil". Now Obama wants the Republicans to compromise on their compromise.

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    • ...Hey, wilkes- Obviously the only debate you have ever indulged in is mass…Here’s how it works, son. One side gets to make their case supported by some factual, critically evaluated data or references. Then the other side does likewise.

      In turn, both sides get to respond to each other’s position and challenge the validity and accuracy of their opponent’s position. The winning side is generally chosen by the efficacy in doing so.

      There are various types of debates, usually with moderators, but, as in this one, not always. One newer format for debating is the “Message Board, Multiple Aliased Tea Party Mass Debate, sometimes referred to as a circle jerk.

      An example of just such a debate would transpire as follows:

      Opening statement: Our position, which is well documented, is that the earth is not flat, but, in actuality, round.

      Tea Party response: I don’t believe it because, first, the world is only a few thousand years old so how do you know, and, more importantly, we have proof that when Obama was born he was with his father who’s a used car salesman in Nairobi.

      Rebuttal: W….T…..F……?

      Tea Party Response: This moderator is a socialist agent who is really only here to take my guns, pull the plug on my elderly grandmother and slip a mickey into my coffee which will turn me into a gay, leftist, tolerant person of color who admires education. No-sir-re, Bob, ain’t gonna’ happen…I quit this debate, and I’ve enlisted Christine O’Donnell to put a spell on you all, which will turn you into a version of Herman Cain with Donald Trump’s hair, Rick Perry’s brain and Pee Wee Herman’s wardrobe.

      Oh, somewhat off topic. To continue from yesterday…take your time…I know these are hard for you….

      “Name one ‘enemy’ we arm?” – Still waiting for your response…Just one shouldn’t be that hard, now should it?

      “I’ll repost a multitude of quotes from the President trying to assure the lunatic fringe that he’s ‘not coming after your guns’, if you’ll post even one where he said he was.” – Just one shouldn’t be that hard, now should it?...still waiting.

      “Or just continue lying, as normal.”

      Quick…somebody…call an ambulance….Wilkes is lying on the floor like William Jennings Bryan at the end of “Inherit the Wind.”

    • Two years ago a minority Republicans threatened to force default on America unless they got their own way. You may call that "compromise" but most Americans have a dictionary.

      You're not fooling anyone. But go ahead and keep up this ridiculousness. Take it all the way to the next convention.

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      • You said "Two years ago a minority Republicans threatened to force default on America". It is difficult to have a discussion when you repeat Obama's lies. The Republicans were simply asking for much larger cuts in spending that would have led to a reasonable spending level. Failing that, they accepted Obama's ridiculously low offer. When will you recognize what Obama is doing to America. He knows that spending a trillion dollars more per year than we receive will force America to default. That is his goal. We will then be forced into One World Government where he will play a major role.

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