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  • wilkes71 wilkes71 Mar 8, 2013 4:36 PM Flag

    It looks like Obama wants to bankrupt America

    The evidence is clear. Just look at the budget Obama has proposed. One must either conclude that Obama is a complete idiot or he has the intention to bankrupt the United States. I don't think Obama is an idiot.
    You can view the budget at office of management and budget. The summary at the bottom is the most revealing. It shows us 6.7 trillion further in debt at the end of 2022 and that is based on VERY optimistic estimates of growth in our economy.

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    • In case you didn't notice, Bush already did that. Where have you been? Now let's focus on the 4 dead in Benghazi for a while. The 5000+ U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq died for nothing, but those 4 Benghazi deaths really #$%$ you people off. And then you have the gall to complain about President Obama.

    • what consequence came from the end of BUBBLE$?

    • "It shows us 6.7 trillion further in debt at the end of 2022"

      Sure it does. It also shows reduced spending in Discretionary spending--both defense (reduced $9 billion) and non defense (reduced $45 billion)-- over 2012 spending levels. Long term spending growth comes from Medicare, Social Security, Interest on the debt and Medicaid (most of which goes to elderly/disabled). This mandatory spending is written into the law. The president does not propose reductions to these programs in the budget proposal. This simply reflects what these programs will need under current law. Obama's proposed changes will be in the grand bargain.

      But this is what we are dealing with if we don't get old age spending under control and/or raise the revenue to pay for them. This isn't "Obama". This is continuing policy. Look at page 208 in the Summary Tables. The Spending Totals 2013-2022 (10 yr total spending) are:

      Discretionary (in billions):
      Defense: $7,215
      Non-Defense: $5,682

      Medicare: $7,065
      Social Security: $10,702
      Medicaid: $4,428
      TARP: $30
      Other mandatory: $6,930

      Interest on the debt: $5,889
      Disaster Estimates: $80
      Sequester: -$490

      It also reflects the discretionary spending cu

    • "Obammy" is "buna" (!!)

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