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  • echo2165 echo2165 Mar 12, 2013 11:51 AM Flag

    Hey, t.bfine, windandale, jonwilkes, et. al...

    ...Your amphibian representative is out here blaming Melowese Richardson for you loss. Do you all agree with him? He's making you look rather ridiculous, you know. How come you never speak up? Oh, I suppose you agree that you lost because of a former poll worker in Cincinnatti. Or is this all simply a ruse to justify your forthcoming attempts to rig the Electoral College?

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    • Hey Echo, since YOU brought voter fraud up once again, allow me a moment to share another example of voter fraud, as it takes many forms. You all don't seem to care because you suggest it doesn't make a difference. You may be right, but I believe it should be shut down as best as possible regardless of guilty party.

      Back to my other example: My mother-in-law lives in a full care nursing home. She is mentally incapable of making her own decisions and the home has explicit instructions to call us if there is virtually any decision to be made.

      We spoke with her the day after the election on one our daily calls. She was so proud of herself that she had voted in the presidential election. Surprised, we asked her who she voted for. She said she didn't know. We asked how she voted. She replied that a black nurse wheeled her down to the voting booth that had been brought in for the patients. The nurse showed her how to vote and that she should vote for the "good guy". The nurse told her which button to push to vote for the "good guy". I suppose the good guy could be Romney, but I'm thinking not.

      We reported it to management, but since mother couldn't identify the specific nurse I doubt much was done.

      Better than half the folks in this home are in far worse condition than mother. I wonder how many voted for the "good guy".

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      • There are just too many assumptions cooked into this scenario:

        A. That your mother actually voted.
        B. That she accurately relayed the event (was she passed off to a poll worker to actually vote, for instance).
        C. That the nurse aide preferred Obama.
        D. That your mother voted for the nurse aides preferred candidate (perhaps the nurse aide knew your mother is Republican, or asked questions about her beliefs).
        E. In the end, that the nurse aide acted unethically. (This nurse aide asks your mom if she wants to vote. She says yes. She wheels her down, and your mother starts asking her advice. It is perfectly within your mother's right to ask the nearest person for advice.)
        F. That this, overall, leads to more votes for Democrats, because I guess all nurse aides are unethical Democrats.
        G. That election officials have never thought of this and haven't taken steps to address it. (You should call your State Election Board about election problems. They run the voting booths, not the nursing home).

        But even if it did occur exactly as you relayed here I'm not sure what the solution is. NONE of the voter suppression tactics I have seen would address this.

      • ...You’ve made some really lame arguments here, but this one takes the cake.

        I suppose we should assume that “all” nursing home aides are “black” and thus Obama supporters, and so your silly story adds one more vote to the Melowese Richardson excuse for getting drubbed. Okay, that’s six, but you’ve still got a couple million more to go. Then don’t forget to subtract those votes the GOP – the party itself, through hired guns, cheated on. And, btw,were all the white nurses doing the same thing for Romney?

        Puhleeeeeeze….How absolutely silly.

        “She is mentally incapable of making her own decisions and the home has explicit instructions to call us if there is virtually any decision to be made.”

        Oh, so you expected them to call you to ask who you wanted her to vote for? Wait a minute. Didn’t YOU know there was an election? Why weren’t you there or why weren’t YOU doing something to help her vote. So she doesn’t know who she voted for, she doesn’t know how she voted…but she DOES know that a “black” nurse wheeled her down there, told her to vote for “the good guy” (was he listed on the ballot that way?) and then told her what button to push????? Who pushes buttons in voting booths? Levers, maybe. Are you sure it wasn’t casino night at the home and she was drawing for an inside straight on computer poker?

        Oh, and having all those vivid details, yet “mother couldn’t remember the specific nurse”. Hmmm, that seems to be how it is down there in Texas…all those black folk look the same.

        “I believe it should be shut down as best as possible regardless of guilty party.”

        In total agreement…that doesn’t mean makin’ up stupid stories to try to justify voter suppression.

    • You know, or should know what assuming things makes of you and you are making a first class one of yourself, you need no help from anyone else.

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