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  • bob.beachin bob.beachin Mar 17, 2013 4:43 PM Flag

    DIST. 9 gonna screw up?

    Will a strike REALLY do anything? How long do ya think anyone in CA can afford to go without pay?
    T is waiting for union ta screw da pooch on this one.
    Managers really don't want ya to walk.
    On both sides, people that you will never see, and could care less about you are telling or watching you #$%$ in the wind.
    Or, just vote YES. it's as good as you are going to get.

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    • I agree. No one wants to see you walk. Think about it the money you will lose in wages, wont justify the benefits you are seeking. Two weeks out and you will be on the losing side. Sure company may lose some money, but they can afford it and have been planning for it. You on the other hand are fighting for principle which does nothing for your wallet, just empties it. With only District 9 going on strike, and everyone else but district 1 ratified, the odds are you will lose this battle from a financial perspective. The company has no reason to budge and every reason not too. You are better off excepting the contract, regrouping for a unified strike in 2015... One district will not bring a global company down.. You need unity and that you do not have for this fight, nor do you have the sympathy of customers or other who are not as fortunate to have good paying jobs. I admire your fight, and everything you do, but now is not the time.

    • hey we here in district 1 connecticut have no contract either,lets face it the cwa union sucks they have abandoned us in connecticut on 2 contracts....we were all by ourselves in 2009..and we are once again the lone holdout in 2012....the union we belong to just plain stinks and the head chief larry cohen should be fired.........

    • rhoke9 Mar 17, 2013 8:56 PM Flag

      I have had a year to prepare and save. The cash cow in California will dry up for the over paid milk maidens in Texas. The business plan in 2013 maybe about to hit a snag.

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      • Dont be fooled by all the saber rattling. I admire you for your fight, but a strike will impact your wallet. Sure you are lucky to have saved, but loss of pay is loss of pay. There is no making up for it. Use that money for something other than a losing battle, maybe a well deserved vacation. Regardless good luck to you and much respect. One other thing, one district will not bring a global company down. They have already divided your union into smaller piece parts and most have already ratified. Best scenario is to regroup and fight as a cohesive union in 2015

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