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  • robfisk robfisk Mar 18, 2013 10:14 PM Flag

    Has Jesse Jackson Got his Eye on Your Prize?

    Jesse has long talked about taking over 401k/pension plans. He wants to use it for his civil rights industry. To bail out Detroit., or whatever rat hole he wants to throw it down. Is Obami sending up a trial balloon in Cyprus? Could our savings be next? Why is the White House refusung to comment on this thievery. After all, Barrack has frequently been quoted as saying, "you didn't build that, earn that, save that, it was my Socialist government that did that".

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • “Is Obami sending up a trial balloon in Cyprus? Could our savings be next?” – racist rob, ghetto entrepreneur extraordinaire

      Right, rob, the “socialist government” is coming after your entire net worth and retirement savings…that would include, your Beanie Baby collection, your time-share vacation condo in downtown Camden, your forthcoming windfall being sent to your bank account from the anonymous heir to Nigerian Royalty, your Enron portfolio, the future payoff on your hoarding of an arbitrary substance to corner an unorthodox futures market (yes, toe-jam MAY be the secret to Nuclear Fusion, but don’t hold your breath), the reverse mortgage on your ghetto dwelling, the 212 bucks you got for the future sale of all of your internal organs, and your limited edition Franklin Mint John Wayne Gacy Commemorative Coin. Oh, woe is you, rob!

      But don’t despair, rob. There are some really “important reports” posted here daily that could be your salvation.

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