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  • capwent capwent Mar 22, 2013 1:02 PM Flag

    ITS NOT BB Fault .. they shouldnt have partnered with ATT / New Blackberry Launch / Total Apathy

    AT7T creates the BIG Bummer...... Waited for two years.. Did research .. went into store in Highland Park Il this morning.. No customer service regarding BB launch.. employees stated they were not trained.. to busy to assist.. no phone to play or experience with in your hand.. employees couldnt have cared less.... a unit tethered to the wall with a security bubble pasted over the front screen. ITS ALL ABOUT THE EXPERIENCE ON A SMART PHONE !!!!!

    Today was supposed to be Blackberry Big return to the US market.. my suggestion BB needs to pull their phones from AT&T and find a vendor that is excited and enthusiastic about new BB products.

    Looked at web sites for AT&T.. this is a problem not of BB making but a historical coprporate culture issue of AT&T ! This company is really messed up .. the ssues permeate the company at all different levels across all ATT businesses.

    Senior Management TAke NOTE : The custoer is KING... The customer has the power through the wallet and through the abilty to express themslves to millions of others.

    There should be no bigger issue for senior management.

    ATT once was crown jewel in US economy.. today they stink. Senior management has no idea whats going on.. they should go to the stores unannounced and see the excuses and apathy directly. Heads should Roll!

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