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  • ssdependent ssdependent Mar 31, 2013 3:35 PM Flag

    North Korea

    I think I have figured out what the newest quack to run this fantasyland is trying to accomplish.

    He figures that he can extort more billions out of the U.S. as his daddy did if he promises to be a good boy. That or he actually plans to attack the U.S. but not on a large enough scale to get totally annihilated in the process. We fought Japan and Germany, and then rebuilt their countries and economies. We attacked Iraq and then Afghanistan and are in the process of spending billions to rebuild what we destroyed and a lot of things they never had in the first place.

    He is looking for a rebuilding of his country and economy on the backs of American taxpayers and just isn't sure if the extortion ruse will work again. He figures if he pushes hard enough, we or SK will make the decision for him.

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    • The NK(s) are being supported by the Chinese. They are learning alot watching Barrack work. Trouble is he doesn't. He only knows to to divide & redistribute wealth from the makers to the takers. And run for office, knocking the opposing party. This is no time to have a civil rights lawyer running things. The Koreans only understand pure power, not pure bull, which is all Obami knows.

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    • I love how you Tea Brains think. Everything is some attempt to extort money from American taxpayers, as if the world is made up of jealous old misers counting pennies.

      North Korea's entire system is based on a delusion--that totalitarian Communism and the rule of Dear leader are the only things that protect them from the American Imperialists. If (or I should say when) that delusion collapses, the leaders of North Korea are in for a very harsh reckoning. To maintain that delusion, there must be a certain level of confrontation with the US. It is a dangerous game for N. Korea but without it the regime would collapse.

      What happens in N. Korea has alot more to do with internal politics than with the US. I think all of this has much more to do with shoring up young Kim Jong Un's power than any action with the US.

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      • I guess you're right and we didn't give them money from at least two different administrations because they promised to improve civil rights and stop working on missiles and N-bombs. It must have been another conservative lie.

        It is not the Tea Brains as you call them that continue to extort money from the American taxpayers, it is our own Congress. They waste enough or appropriate money for foolishness to buy votes to nearly pay our interest debt annually.

    • The Iraq and Afghanistan wars will cost the U.S. $6 trillion before all is said and done. Imagine if that money had been spent on infrastructure and education. Your great great grandchildren will be paying for these fiascos. The U.S. isn't going to give NK more than food aid for as long as it has nuclear capability. SK wants reunification, which won't happen as long as the NK regime remains.

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