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  • lavendarsen lavendarsen Apr 3, 2013 1:10 PM Flag

    The fate of one White Man in FL

    You may have already heard about this tragic story which occurred near Tampa FL a few weeks ago. A man was sleeping when a sink hole opened up around his bed and swallowed him. His brother, who I believe was in another room, jumped in the sink hole and tried to help him as he cried for help, but was unable to help him.

    This story has really creeped me out because what I can gather from the news stories is that within a day or two the house was demolished, the sink hole filled in and a chain link fence put up around the property to keep out trespassers.

    Apparently, from what I have heard and read NO ATTEMPT whatsoever was made to rescue that poor man. It sounds as though there wasn`t even any consideration of whether a rescue attempt could be made.

    Needless to say, the man was White and I would guess working class or poor. And needless to say, if that man would have been colored there is no way they would have so hurriedly and without fanfare possibly have smothered him with dirt.

    This is the how the story of the White MAN in Florida appears to me today, ONLY MY OPINION (and probably most of America). If he stumbles and fall, he will be plowed under without the least consideration or thought, and probably those responsible for his demise will feel self righteously good and grand for doing it. Because they will be making room for the colored illegal law breakers the government criminals want to replace the White man with.

    You know, Florida and its leaders - from top to bottom- are appearing more and more creepy and ghoulish to me everyday. Or are they simply incompetent, or do they simply hate poor White MEN?

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