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  • zonbac98 zonbac98 Apr 5, 2013 12:27 PM Flag

    A Topic For AFTERHOURS (here)


    Our local 12:00 p.m. news today = An ongoing Va. investigation into "voter fraud" is revealing that ..... SO FAR, 97,000 Va. voters have been linked with CURRENT 'out of state' addresses as well as CURRENT Va. addresses .. and that THEY HAVE have voted (nationally) in multiple states .. oh my, say it ain't so !!

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    • "and that THEY HAVE have voted (nationally) in multiple states"

      No they haven't. That is a bald-faced lie that not even your Tea Brain AG is asserting. These are simply duplicate registrations--people who have moved and their registration stayed on the books in their previous state. It's a good idea to remove duplicates from the books but to imply voter fraud is complete BS--which is what we expect from Tea Brains.

    • As soon as they make 11 million illegal aliens, democrat voters that's when it's going to be real tough to win the Presidency for the republicans. But to your point, yeah I don't doubt it for a moment. Without voter ID that the republicans are pushing but the democrats are against, voter fraud will become the norm in the future. Then you also have the pesky 47%ers to contend with also.

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      • Ricky is going to be really excited when they make all these illegal’s, oops sorry, undocumented Democrats, taxpayers. The decline in the birth rate in this country is part of the problem of not enough youngsters like Ricky to take care of the SS folks. When all those illegal’s get added to the tax rolls, the burden on Ricky and Echo will go down a bit.

        The problem of course is that a good many of them will stay in the dark, don't want to pay taxes, and don't want to become citizens. If they do, then when they get into trouble or run out of work it is harder to go back to Mexico or Central America. That of course is also using the mistaken assumption that only Latin's are sneaking across our southern border, which everyone but the Democrats knows is not the case.

      • Voter ID would do nothing to prevent duplicate registrations, or voting with duplicate registrations. States are doing the right thing to check their rolls for duplicates in the off-election years.

        The Republicans are out of the presidency for the foreseeable future. It has nothing to do with immigration or voter fraud or whatever excuse helps you sleep at night. It has everything to do with the Republican base being stubborn, ossified, old Tea Brains. Republicans will be competitive for the House for the next several cycles due to gerrymandering in the 2010 redistricting cycle but the Presidency and the Senate are out of reach for the foreseeable future.

        Or, to put it better, until you fools stop thinking President Obama was elected by some trick or fluke, you're going to continue to lose elections. Some Republicans have seen the writing on the wall and have decided to move in a new direction. Some Republicans have decided permanent opposition ain't so bad and have decided just to stonewall everything.

        And then there's the Tea Brains on the T message board who, if they saw the writing on the wall at all, prefer to have Rush read it to them.

    • those that are looking for handouts are flocking to the polls and that is what the fool on the hill and his cohorts are delivering. Wait till 2014, then more in 2015. send money to Washington. someone used to post that was it easy frieds?

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