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  • j.catucci Apr 8, 2013 4:22 PM Flag

    AT & T = THIEF'S

    AT & T = THIEF'S
    I have been with AT & T for one year and I can not even begin to describe the disappointment. First, my monthly payments are over $110 (which is what I signed up for) but I did not consent to the costly late fees which are about $50 if you go one day over your bill due date. When calling to set up a payment system I scheduled it for the 10th of the next month only to wake up on the 8th of the month with my phone disconnected with NO WAY to reach their company via phone and ANOTHER $50 fee which is now $300 FOR ONE MONTH of service! After calling AT & T to describe the miscommunication I was told AT & T is not reliable FROM THE MOUTH OF THE REPRESENTATIVE, after nicely asking to be transferred to another representative which is going to help me find a solution I get the dial tone, YES I was hung up on after waiting on the line for almost an hour! AND THAT IS ONLY THE TIP OF THE ICEBERG, when I originally signed my contract I was under the impression by the associate that I was signing a 12 month contract. FINALLY, my one year has came to an end and I called AT & T to let them know I WILL NOT BE RENEWING MY CONTRACT and I was faced with the unfortunate news that they have extended my contract to another 12 months making my contract now a 24 month process. Within the first year of being with AT & T I have paid almost $5,000.00!!!!! I am so displeased with their service I am going to make sure AS MANY PEOPLE KNOW THAT AT & T ARE THIEF'S AND FRAUDS before going forward and signing your life away to them.
    A Meaningless Customer to AT & T

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    • Seems to me you are blaming AT&T for a lot of your short comings. The late fee does seem pretty steep but, if you pay on time, you don't need to pay it. It would probably also help if you read your contract. I'm sure most of the $5,000 was for toll calls. The service you are signed up for probably doesn't fit your real needs.

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