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  • wilkes71 wilkes71 Apr 16, 2013 11:26 AM Flag

    Are Ricky and Echo really front names for an organization?

    So much of what they post is left wing garbage and they seem to have an endless supply. Have you noticed how voluminous their responses are. I suspect it is a full time job for maybe 20 or 30 people paid by your tax dollars.

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    • While this is all very interesting, did you happen to catch the critique of the Reinhart-Rogoff study released today? This is the study Paul Ryan cites in his budget to justify his cuts, as well as being used to justify austerity programs worldwide.

      Do a search for "Researchers Finally Replicated Reinhart-Rogoff, and There Are Serious Problems."

      ". . .all I can hope is that future historians note that one of the core empirical points providing the intellectual foundation for the global move to austerity in the early 2010s was based on someone accidentally not updating a row formula in Excel."

      --Mike Konczal

    • Not Possible. Based on postings from the one and his alias (ali #$%$) that org would be bankrupt during the first week. Plagarism and the inability to generate an original thought doom such an org to failure. More likely the ricky echo postings are from wanna be libs. Poor excuses!

    • It is amazing to me that you would think that.

    • It's obvious here and on other boartds that there are paid shills that post many times a day. There was one site I used to visit that obviously had a tout for the stock. The same name was used 24 hrs. a day pushing the shares. Short of giving name, rank and serial number I identify myself as a share holder of about 6,200 shares. I'm a retired outside plant worker who worked for PT&T until 1983. I took an early retirement when the Bell system was broken up.. I've had personal experience in politics and have read many books on finance. I am a Korean War Vet and two of my kids are eligible for VFW membership. One has nearly 30 years combined active and active reserve duty. I quit believing "Big Bubba" during ther Korean War. In the sixties I met a retired Army Col. that put me on a whole different track. He was captured in No. Africa and spent 18 mos. in a POW camp.

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