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  • davemartin74575 davemartin74575 May 9, 2013 2:44 PM Flag

    "Kind of a strange view but long term investors are a different kind of person."


    Wilkie, I have to put that in print as a topic. It is your verbatim quote. Are you serious? How can a CPA possibly print that?

    You publicly announced you lost $340,000.00 before "figuring out the market". Had that loss been invested long term, what might it be worth today?

    I would also like a clarification as to what exactly is the "strange view" of long term investors and why we are "a different kind of person". You need to explain that Wilkie. I'm not real pleased to read that sort of thing and I'm sure other LTI's agree.

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    • They certainly are a different kind of a person than I am. In context of the post that I was referring to, a person who is glad to see his stock decline in value because, with his DRIP account, he will get more shares each time a dividend is paid. Now you have got to admit, that is different. There are degrees of long term investors and those that keep their funds invested in stocks that are trending up make very good sense to me. Those that have a DRIP Account in a declining stock seem strange to me.

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      • Agreeing with your post, and on both sides wilkes.

        I, with friends, have just kind of laughed at our various stocks when they may drop a dollar or 2, then shrugging it off by saying (like lewcor) .. oh well, just more divy shares for the next Q.
        These stocks that I own always come back. They're good divy payers which have never been cut, It may take a short while but they always come back.

        Today I may still buy small blocks of defensive stocks because if the market goes down. I'll have the better of the 'down stocks', also they'll recover quicker.

        I chose T over VZ mainly because T was the cheaper of the 2, it is a solid stock with a good dividend. It has plenty of room for growth and it isn't going belly-up in my life time .. as with most of my stock holdings.

        It's like Vegas, and we all have to pick our poisons very carefully .. lol

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