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  • froggnot froggnot May 10, 2013 9:01 PM Flag

    Finally we find out "What difference...does it make?"

    Who would have thought that ABC News would be the news agency that would break the news as to why the "Campaigner in Chief" and his minions would spend their days and nights after the attack in Libya covering up the real reasons for the attack, and the real perpetrators of the attack?

    Yes now we find out that the changes to the so called "talking points" were not made for the purpose of security, or clarity as we were told.

    No the real reason was expressed IMHO best in an email to officials at the White House and the intelligence agencies from State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland when she took issue with including information about the real reasons and causes for the attacks was because it “could be abused by members [of Congress] to beat up the State Department for not paying attention to warnings, so why would we want to feed that either? Concerned …”

    And there you have it, the true enemies (according to Ms. Nuland) are the congressional members and that is why the real reasons and real perpetrators must be hidden from the American people (at least and until after the presidential election in November).

    Most historians agree that the real reason that President Nixon had to leave office had little to do the Watergate break in, and more to do with the cover up that occurred after the break in.

    I guess we shall see.

    "In your heart you know he is right."

    The Frogg

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