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  • lavendarsen lavendarsen May 19, 2013 7:26 PM Flag

    The U.S., especially the South has almost been destroyed

    White Europeans(especially White men) are being removed from all aspects of leadership and power in this country. What is remarkable is that many of the fewT Whites who do remain in positions of leadership and influence are working diligently to further eliminate the White majorities and culture in their own regions by advocating and working to legalize millions of non White illegal aliens, while at the same time advocating for more third world immigration ( eliminating jobs for their U.S. citizens).

    Here are some(not all) of the cities(many are MAJOR CITIES) and whole states in the South headed by people who are NOT White European Americans. Are people still so ignorant to rant about White Southerner`s waving the confederate flag(I say - more power to them)?

    South Carolina, Louisiana, Columbia SC, Memphis, Jackson MS, Charlotte NC, Jacksonville, Fl, Tallahassee FL, Miami FL, Richmond VA, Birmingham, Atlanta, Savannah, Charlotte, NC, Richmond, VA, Mobile, AL,

    Here are major cities and states outside the South headed by people who are NOT White European Americans.

    New Mexico, Baltimore, MD, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Washington DC, NYC, Chicago, Los Angeles, Tucson(a Rothschild to boot), San Francisco, Oakland CA, San Diego..........

    At the top of the totem pole, a colored, most likely illegal alien.

    Prepare if you are White. You are being kicked out of your own country.

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