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  • ltcolhen ltcolhen May 21, 2013 4:13 PM Flag

    Hey Ricky

    You continue to state there are no lies coming out of the white house . Can you honestly believe that obama's chief of staff knew of the IRS scandal weeks ( maybe even longer ) before it was in the news and never mentioned it to obama in a meeting or even in private conversations . You expect people to believe that...I hope not . Oh yeah obama heard about it on TV when the news broke ( his words not mine)...YEAH RIGHT ..WHAT A PIECE OF YOU KNOW WHAT THIS obama IS !!! He knew about it before it hit the news and he could have initiated the whole scandal...but not according to you...oh wait I know Bush did it right .

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    • I don't care. By the time McDonough was briefed the situation was over. The Inspector General report was set to be released but the situation had already been handled internally by the IRS. I do not expect the President to waste his time on things that have already been handled, nor do I expect the Chief of Staff to waste the President's time on such matters.

      Is this going to be another situation where the facts of the supposed "wrongdoing" don't matter, but you spend months braying about what the talking points said when?

      You want to know what I really think? Fox News decided they weren't earning their paychecks by reporting on stock market records so they went scandal hunting. You sheep are bleating right along like you always do.

      What a waste.

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      • WRONG ricardo he knew of it weeks before it hit the air waves .If mcdonough and obama were so transparent as obama promised then WHY DID THEY NOT BREAK IT TO THE PRESS FIRST ???? If my memory serves me correct obama promised that HIS administration would be totally open and transparent....gee he must of forgotten about that or did they hope this IRS information would not make it to the air waves . This chump is nothing but a smug liar . He knew and said nothing...oh wait I forgot he did say something...." I heard about it on TV ."

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