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  • echo.2l65 echo.2l65 May 24, 2013 8:01 AM Flag

    MSM & Unions Wise Up


    So now the MSM and Unions are wising up to the fact that ObamaCare really does have unintended consequences, and IT really really sux !!
    BUT noooo, they listened to Nancy and fell for her statement .. "BUT we have to pass it to see what's in it"

    Well there you have it .. those stupid brain dead liberals are finally admitting what we already knew, AGAIN

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    • If this new health care program, which it isn't, is so great why are so many unions, states and liberals asking to opt out? This is not a health care program, this is a tax bill and a new way for the overreaching government to gain more control over our daily lives. This program will not improve health care, nor as it is proving at every turn, improve health care costs, it will only increase the governments control of health care costs and nothing the government does saves the general population money.

    • Obama-care is an important step on the way to a totalitarian government. Anyone that think insurance can improve healthcare is out of their mind. Only catastrophic losses should be covered by insurance. Maybe thinking Obama care is good could be considered a catastrophic loss of ones mind and qualify for psychopathic care in a mental institution. Pelosi comes to mind.

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