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  • winholder winholder Jun 19, 2013 1:49 PM Flag

    Call your 'representatives', today, tomorrow and the next day.

    This immigration bill without the measures to increase border security, measure the results and audit the ongoing performance must not pass. The bill also includes language that prohibits illegal immigrants from participating in Federal health care; it does NOT restrict them from applying for state health care programs and includes language that prohibits the states from denying them benefits.

    Illegal immigrants are not to be provided Federal sponsored health, so employers will simply hire more of them to hold down health care costs and avoid penalties from the IRS. Unemployment is too high now and will remain so if this is allowed.

    Harry Reid is in a hurry to get this passed because he wants it to be like Obamacare bills, no one has read them and they don't understand it; if they do they won't vote for it.

    If we must provide these illegal’s immigrants a different path to citizenship than everyone else that desire to come here, we must make sure that we have sufficient border security and we do not have anything close to what is required today. As soon as a reasonable bill is produced it will be ‘amended’ to oblivion unless we send a very powerful and passionate message to Congress.

    Call, E-mail, write your representatives, and tell them there has to be some teeth in this bill and language that will discourage further illegal immigration and the security to ensure that happens. This cannot be another bill passed through Congress so we can find out what it includes!!

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    • Immigration is just like the weather. Everyone talks about it but nobody does anything about it. I doubt that more laws not to enforce will make much difference.

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      • I can't really do that. RINO John McLame is one of the gang of 8 and Jeff the Flake is such an illegal immigrant kiss #$%$ there is NO WAY either one of them would vote no on the bill, no matter how many people call. Well, I think I'll do it just to go through the motions, but they're both going to vote yes for it even though it will not produce a single latino vote in the future. These 2 IDIOTS think that we need to be more like them if we're going to win future elections. No, the republicans just need better candidates. Where do they get these people?

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