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  • lefronczak lefronczak Jun 29, 2013 5:53 PM Flag

    I hate that racist #$%$ Paula Dean, you Phony

    She serves up that hillbilly slop you folks down south like, its 2013 you hillbillies need to know that things have changed, her son is a goof to never cooks anything I would eat as an Italian

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    • If Paula is going to be so disgraced and chastised for her use of the "N" word, and if it is so reprehensive, it should be banned completely. If that is the attitude, I want to see every rapper that has recorded this word or honky, whitey, cracker, or ofay lose their recording contracts no later than tomorrow morning. It is unacceptable or it is not! Pick one.

    • This is a business board. Keep you political #$%$ and point of view : off this board

    • Yea, and not only is she a racist, but she is a big time democrat party racist, who campaigned for POTUS during 2008 and 2012. What more evidence does one need to prove just how racist she really is, because everyone knows that the democrat party has been the party of racism and bigotry for over 200 years.

      "In your heart you know he is right."

      The Frogg

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      • What hypocrites you people are. You find one person who is a Democrat --whose claim to fame is being a cook--who admitted to making racist comments in the past and suddenly you decide to speak up. Where were you, Froggie, when Ron Paul's connections to neo#$%$'s was revealed?

        Tea Brain elected officials, political pundits and thought leaders, along with just about every Tea brain poster on this MB, make racist comments all the time, and you defend them. You are what you are and you demonstrate repeatedly. Lowlifes, every one of you.

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