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  • echo.2l65 echo.2l65 Jul 1, 2013 9:01 PM Flag

    Will Egypt Lead The WAY !!


    To help settle things in the middle east ?? So maybe "T" Stock will do what it's supposed to ??

    So will Egypt lead the way .. for FREEDOM from a corrupt "Poltical System" - YES, the people will !!

    The people .. those 'brave masses' now have the attention & support of their Military.

    That current "Mooslem Brotha-hood's" DULY elected BAIT & SWITCH President has overstepped his bounds and the people won't stand for it anymore.

    Mmmm, that sounds familiar !!.

    I know of another Country having that SAME "BAIT & SWITCH" problem with it's 'el presidente',

    BUT .. I'm not sure of the will of the people & how bad they want their freedom back .. and to stop this current 'socialist' movement - and to hold that 'snake oil salesman' accountable for HIS false campaign promises !!
    Look how much of our TAX Money he & family has blown through in 4 1/2 years !! Look how much more corrupt our goverment is !!

    His experience as a "Community Organizer" has done nothing but 'disorganize' a Nation !!
    He's pitted the classes against each other .. he's pitted the races againts each other - and NOW how many of us can afford to purchase MORE "T" Stock ??

    Oh gosh, if we kept thinking back, I believe we could recall many many more broken promises & lies purpetrated by OUR "snake oil salesman" .. (not to forget Bengazzi .. Fast & Furious .. and such)

    Are the Egyptian people any bolder than us = U.S. ??

    Can anyone .. or does anyone want to show him what a real "YES WE CAN" means ??

    Let me know if anyone is doing a nationwide "yes we can" thing anytime soon ... (just sayin)

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    • Obama is watching the T board so I won't use capital letters to say I long for the day our military takes back the USA. Maybe we need to demonstrate to get their attention.

    • Oh! How could it be? The Egyptians don't like Obama's hand picked stooge to rule them? Oh! What's the world coming to?

    • Most of the people in Egypt don't seem to be able to make a clear decision about what they want. Maybe they should ask Obama again. He is real good at choosing new leaders.

    • "To help settle things in the middle east ?? So maybe "T" Stock will do what it's supposed to ??"

      Wow. It's good to have a reminder of just how dumb most investors are.

      The reason T stock is not rising with the rest of the market is that it is a dividend producing public utility, commonly considered a "defensive stock". During the recession and the period of low interest rates, people turned to these stocks to protect their money and to get some income, so there was a slight "bubble" in these stocks. Now that the economy is improving and the Fed is hinting at raising interest rates, people are moving their money away from these defensive stocks.

      T is doing just fine and exactly what it is supposed to do. It is a great income stock at these prices. It's performance has absolutely nothing to do with Egypt, Obama or whatever else you heard Rush blame everything on today. And I hope that you are not managing your own money.

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