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  • geoff_holt_2000 geoff_holt_2000 Jul 13, 2013 10:31 PM Flag

    Zimmerman Acquitted


    Verdict is in. Time to move on.

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    • What a difference a week makes.

      On Friday our "dear leader" gave us some insight into his feelings regarding the verdict in the Zimmerman case.

      Today the Reverend Al is organizing 101 "Justice for Trayvon Rallies".

      The Justice Department opens a tip line and continues to look for some excuse to persecute a Latino man.

      The MSM, the left and the democrat party continue their age old quest to divide the American people into racial, ethnic, class, gender, and sexual orientation groups.

      The Republican party continues their tepid resolve to reach across the aisle and be liked by everyone, thus reinforcing their irrelevance in any political discourse.

      A once great American city seeks bankruptcy protection after years of mismanagement and incurring a multi billion dollar debt.

      Chris Mathews makes an apology for all white people.

      I could go on, but what a difference a week makes.

      "In your heart you know he is right."

      The Frogg

      • 1 Reply to froggnot
      • ...Wow, frogboy – another lecture from a loser.

        You don’t like the Democrats.

        You don’t like the Republicans.

        You don’t like the Justice Department.

        You don’t like the media.

        You compare the duly elected President of the United States to the North Korean dictator.

        You repeat the tired campaign slogan of the biggest loser in Presidential history, Barry Goldwater.

        And while you hate everybody else, your contribution to society is belittling everyone from the anonymity of multiple aliases on a stock message board. You must be a really fun guy to be around! Your family must be very proud of everything you are doing for mankind. What a great citizen you are…have you ever contemplated moving to Somalia?

        In our hearts, we know you are a pompous clown.

    • Yes, the #$%$ (zimmee) got away with it. Hey zimmee come on over and follow me around or send any other gun toteing coward over. Low life zimmer/ white trash barney fife wantabe..

    • No! No! No! First we got to get our mad on, and break some windows, burn some cars, disrupt traffic, and let everyone in the United States know just how easy it is for us to take control of the news cycle for a few days.

      I only wish that our demonstrators had a little more imagination, like the Animalisti Italiani in Europe, who were demonstrating against Jean Paul Gaultier’s use of fur in his fashion show. Wow! half naked demonstrators, now that's what I am talking about.

      "In your heart you know he is right."

      The Frogg

    • Great ... now could you pass the news of this "not guilty" verdict on to our Presidential Administration - it doesn't sound like they're aware of it yet ??

      Just remind them it was a jury of ALL women, 6 of them, 1 of color, 5 with children, 2 with handgun permits.

      And please remind them ... it's TIME TO MOVE ON .. (thanks)

    • Kelly Thomas

    • Yes it is time to move on, but I predict that since the verdict did not fit the template that the administration, the MSM, the democrat party and the left had established over the last 16 months (i.e., a "creepy assed cracker" shot an unarmed black child like a dog) that this Latino man and his family will continue to be persecuted both in Civil and Federal courts for some years to come.

      Never forget the mantra of the left:

      "It aint over until we say it's over."

      "In your heart you know he is right."

      The Frogg

    • George Zimmerman is an American Hero. Thank you for being a community watch member. If kids today only respected authority, Travon would be alive today. The parents should teach their kids to respect those who volunteer to protect their fellow citizens. George should not have suffered as he did. This was a trumped up charge. God bless both families. And those women of the jury. You stepped up, even the Preident of the United States played the race card as Bill Clinton so rightly accused him of. Obama wanted to see poor George lynched.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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      • George is not a hero. Being part of a community watch organization does not give you the right to be an idiot. There are many resources he ignored. There were other actions he could have taken that would not have lead to a conflict. Once the conflict was initiated, regardless of by whom, he did have a right to self-defense. The prosecution was wrong in bringing the charges in the first place, but once they did, a trial had to be held. A trial was held and the prosecution did not do their job of proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. No matter whom you felt was a fault, this was an avoidable tragedy.

        This Justice Department with their racist attitude is simply getting even...first they didn't get the verdict they wanted and/or they are simply taking revenge for OJ being tried, acquitted and then tried again and losing. The prosecution, regardless of if you believe OJ or Zimmerman was innocent, didn't do their jobs well enough to get what they wanted. Guilty or innocent, in both the trial was held as prescribed by law and the system did what it was supposed to do.

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