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  • sha1017906 sha1017906 Jul 21, 2013 3:07 PM Flag

    zimmer should have just taken beating

    pulling out a gun and putting in the rib cage of martin and pulling the trigger was horrible....could have taken beating until fallen unconcious or died

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    • According to the story Trayvon approached Zimmerman and asked him if he had a 'problem'. When he said 'no' , Trayvon responded ' you do now' and jumped him. Zimmerman shouldn't have shot him and he acted on impulse, but Trayvon clearly was looking for trouble and got it that night. I don't think Zimmerman deserves life in jail for that.

      If you listen to the 911 call it clearly has nothing to do with race, just an overly vigilant neighborhood watchman who didn't want to let another one get away. He has black friends and has tutored black children before. The way the media is hyping this up as a some type of hate crime really #$%$ me off.

    • Zimmerman says he was trying to fire a warning shot but got another punch just as his pistol fired. Since everything else he has said has proven to be true I have no reason to doubt him.

    • Less we forget John Lee Malvo, AGE 17 .. and John Allen Muhammad - AKA the D.C. Snipers are the "Poster Children" for the Black Community !!

    • LOL, lol !!....(sigh)

      Trayvon Martin was NOT a mugger, right ?
      But he's a dead thug now !
      That's matter what color the thug was or how much the colored people whine.
      - Amen

    • You bleeping idiot. Perhaps you would like to comment on the slaying of 13 month old Antonio Santiago (West) by a couple of black teens. Pehaps this young child should have just handed over his mother's money or just plain "taken a beating until unconcious-----". Not much coverage in the media. No Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson or the other professional race mongers. Check out the tragic story of this beautiful baby in Brunswick, GA. Then give us a mindless comment. again.

    • beau287 Jul 21, 2013 5:57 PM Flag

      Martin was a troubled kid and found just what he was looking for trouble .....was in trouble his whole life personnel school parents ect ....

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      • I agree. Did the white people protest and call discrimination or hold violent protests when black OJ Simpson was found not guilty for killing Nicole who was white and also her white friend? No, the jury spoke and we had to accept. No one called that racial profiling because it was a black killing a white. Martin had a rap sheet; at least he won't be beating up any more kids and texting about it - how they are going to get it again because he wasn't through with them. He lived a dangerous life and probably would have ended up in jail sooner or later for assault or even worse, murder. He was already headed in that direction looking at his rap sheet.

      • It is sad to say that the World is a better place without Trayvon.

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