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  • lavendarsen lavendarsen Aug 16, 2013 5:39 PM Flag

    Blonde Men

    While traveling earlier this summer I stopped in a small town in Georgia for food and gas. While eating I saw a young man probably in his early 20`s, skinny as a rail, sitting on the lawn next to the parking lot with his dog. He had a backpack and a few belongings and was obviously homeless. What made him stand out was his whitish long blond hair and eyebrows and Nordic good looks to match the unusual blonde hair. He wasn`t the type I thought who usually ended up on the street, hopeless and homeless.

    A Black woman took him a bag of food and a drink, which he shared with his skinny dog, a truck stopped and handed him a package also and a woman stopped and talked to him for a few minutes, all kind people trying to help, but in the end he was still homeless.

    After that I looked closer at the people standing with signs along freeway ramps and busy streets asking for food or money. Surprisingly, I noticed similar men in other cities like him. Blonde pale eyed men in their 20`s 30`s and 40`s, many of them handsome Nordic looking men if they had not been so weathered and worn by their lifestyle. When you consider what a small minority naturally blonde adult men are in this society, it was surprising to see so many of them destitute. I always thought Blonde men had an advantage, that society admired and respected their uniqueness. Now I wonder if they have a disadvantage?

    Are blonde men naturally disappearing or are they intentionally be disappeared? Has modern American society been unusually harsh and punitive on blonde men? Or maybe it was just coincidence that I noticed so many destitute Blonde men on the streets of American cities.

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    • I ran away from home when I was 16 and bummed around for a while. I was too proud to beg and afraid to steal. Needless to say I missed a few meals. But, people that gave me a ride would usually offer to buy a hamburger if they stopped somewhere. I picked cotton for a while in Tahoka, TX. I later went into a state employment office in Lubbock TX and was offered a job by a man that came in 15 minutes later. Ended up working for this contractor string REA power lines south of Lubbock. This was during the Truman depression in 1949-50. I've never had a problem finding a job and never drawn any unemployment. I could probably find work today atmy age if I wanted. Too, I saw several grown men start work on the power crew and quit after a few days saying it was too hard. Not to hard for me thopugh as I liked a roof over my head and food in my belly.

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      • When you were 16 this country was overwhelmingly White European with a completely different culture and job market. However, It has no doubt has been a tactic while dispossessing White men in their own country, to keep enough of them gainfully employed and in power to suppress revolt. The White men doing well and working have gladly and loudly played the role of 'it`s your own fault White man if you aren`t working or thriving '. However, those brash thoughtless White men are gonna see their glory days end too, not too far in the future imo. They were useful idiots berating their own White brethren.

        I did see quite a few blond pale eyed men on the street though, way out of proportion to their numbers in the overall population, which I thought was strange.

        Thinking back to when I watched tv I almost never saw a blonde man paired with a blonde woman. It was almost always a dark haired man, and many times a non White man, with a fair skinned blonde woman. Kind of like a message was being sent that blonde women do not go for blonde men. A great way to influence blonde women to help end the blonde gene in the White European population, I would think.

    • I know that it was probably unintentional on your part, but the scorn and derisive prejudices usually reserved for blond women can and probably should be shared by their blond brothers, because as Red Fox told us many years ago; "if you follow an ugly child home, usually an ugly parent will open the door for that child". So regardless of the sex, if you follow a blond child home, usually a blond parent will open the door for that child.

      Let me start off by saying that I have known many fine blond people in my life, and even though most of them might be considered slow-witted, I am proud to say that many of my best friends are of the blond persuasion.

      Now some may say that blonds are clueless. I would like to object because from my experience most blonds are so self absorbed that they only have an appearance of being clueless.

      When asked the question of whether you would let your sister marry a blond man? I would be inclined to say no, because as everyone knows and as Margaret Sanger taught us access to the gene pool should be limited to only those that will improve the human race.

      I could go on, but IMHO it is time for all Americans (regardless of hair color) to embrace all of our blond brothers and sisters, and let them live undisturbed in their own gated communities.

      "In your heart you know he is right."

      The Frogg

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