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  • ricky1820l ricky1820l Aug 21, 2013 2:55 PM Flag

    Arab Spring

    I love the smell of chemical weapons in the morning. Looks like W was right after all

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    • Hey, of course Saddam had chemical weapons in Gulf War !. We gave them to him. Young troopers that destroyed the huge ammo dump at Kamiseyah in So. Iraq have openly said that the cannisters that had the Sarin gas components had U.S. Ordnance markings on them. Rumsfeld while working for Big Pharma delivered germ warfare components to Saddam. There is a picture out there showing Saddam greeting him on the delivery occassion. The Syria thing smells to high heaven of a "false flag" event. It doesn't bother the warmongers when Al Queda and The Muslim Brotherhood slaughter thousands of innocent Syrians so why do they care about this alledged attack?

    • When it comes to taking a position on what the US should do about the conflict in Syria, IMHO it may be worthwhile revisiting the words of former Secretary of State Clinton as they related to the war in Iraq.

      From start to finish she was a beacon of consistency and reasoned judgment when it came to taking positions that represented the pulse of the American people at any point in time during the conflict.

      Yes America's leadership positions should only be taken after our leaders have made a careful review of the polling data. Then and only then can a true leader be sure that his or her decisions will reflect the will of the people.

      For myself I am inclined to support whatever the latest Gallup poll says about this issue.

      "In your heart you know he is right."

      The Frogg

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      • "it may be worthwhile revisiting"

        Do you think it's worthwhile or not, Froggie?

      • ...“For myself I am inclined to support whatever the latest Gallup poll says about this issue.” – Frogs legs a-la Creole

        AP, August 27

        “No polling has been conducted on the public’s views of Syria since that government was accused of using chemical weapons...a Washington Post/ABC News poll in December suggested that the government’s use of chemical weapons against its own people could change public opinion. In that poll, just 17 percent thought the U.S. military should get involved in the conflict as it was at the time, but 63 percent said they would support military intervention if the Syrian government used chemical weapons against its people.”

        And in other polling news, in a Yahoo poll asking where people would prefer to live between Texas and Louisiana, 2% said Louisiana, 1% said Texas, 84% said neither and 13% said they’d rather call Doctor Kevorkian than live in either.

    • You believe the propaganda? I quit believing lying government stories early in the Korean War.

    • The last thing Bush jr. did right was use a condum. 3,600 dead American soldiers in Iraq.

    • Yep .. and "O's" latest golfing venture, when he was delivered the news about this new devopement. abroad ..
      He had to temporarily step back from his original spot at this "Red Line" for his tee shot .. seems he had suddenly developed his own gas .. which knocked him back about 30 ft.

      During this sudden retreat, he also lost his balls (the caddy's fault) and as soon as he finds where they rolled to, he'll put them back in his pants .. rather than his golf bag !!

      BUT he will still stand with that 'red line' tee shot .. but about 7 yds back and allowing others to go first (his 'index BRAIN finger' game) .. keeping all of his usual predecessors there for when things screw up further ..

      His caddy (crazy Joe) while trying to comfort & relax O before his 'swing' .. asked him if he needed anything ?
      'O' replied .. paper towels, DEPENDS, and some privacy !!

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      • While I think the zero in the White House lacks the will and/or leadership to do anything that might corrupt what he thinks will be a positive legacy, we do need to find out if the Syrian government did this or some of the nut job 'freedom fighters' that are part of Al Queda or other terrorist organization trying to bait us into a fight we can't win. The UN has inspectors in country, although the media said they hadn't left the Four Seasons hotel to do any investigation work and it is doubtful that they will find anything they can prove. The UN is worthless!

    • You do realize that Iraq and Syria are two different countries, don't you?

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