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  • dices_boss dices_boss Sep 24, 2013 7:30 AM Flag

    Had Enough of Republican/Teabagger Whining over Obamacare

    Maybe everyone has forgotten the 120% rise in health care costs from 2000-09, people losing their health care insurance after an illness,and other rip offs by the health care industry?

    I have had enough listening to the crooked Republican teabagger hypocrites obsessively crying about Obamacare, while at the same time raking in large contributions from the health care industry and doing nothing to help this country.

    I retired early and took out a private plan with Aetna. I had a clean health care history and no claims, within 3 months I was hit with a 30% rate increase. I dropped Aetna and went to Anthem, same thing happened. Just saw an article indicating health insurance rates posted smallest rise in years. Think about it!

    Obamacare was a result of a broken, greedy health care industry. Get over it and move on.

    PS- Voted for Reagan twice and Bush Sr.

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    • Obama Care law was written by the insureance companies, estupido. You think it was bad before? You ain't seen nuttin yet. By the way, my premium here in AZ went up 20% this year.

    • So happy some are standing up for our right to choose our health plan.
      We don't need any more socialist programs in the USA

    • From Timothy Jost's recent post on Health Affairs blog "Implementing Health Reform: Plan Choices and Premiums"

      "Ninety-five percent of consumers live in states with average premiums below the CBO’s 2012 estimate of 2014 premiums. On average, premiums before tax credits will be 16 percent lower than the CBO’s projections. The average premium nationally (in the 48 reporting states) for an individual before premium tax credits will be $328. Young adults will pay an average, before tax credits, of $129 per month for a catastrophic plan, $163 for a bronze plan, and $203 for a silver plan.
      The effect of tax credits. After tax credits are applied, however, costs drop considerably. The average 27 year old in Texas with an income of $25,000 will pay $145 for the second lowest-cost silver plan, $133 for the lowest-cost silver plan, and $83 for the lowest-cost bronze plan. A family of four in Texas with an income of $50,000 could pay $282 for the second lowest-cost silver plan and $57 per month for a bronze plan. After taking tax credits into account, 56 percent of Americans will qualify for coverage for less than $100 a month, including Medicaid and CHIP in states expanding Medicaid . . ."

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      • I am simply aghast! You are taking the word of a blogger over the CBO? You are always the one claiming the government is nearly always right on the money with their numbers.

        How is a blogger any different that you? He isn't. He is spouting the same old tired tune that is being proven false on a daily basis.

      • sorry .. but the U.S. didn't become the great nation that it "WAS" by depending on Goverment to dictate and take over our lives !

      • Premiums higher in some cases but for broadly available and strengthened coverage. Premiums will in many places be higher than the lowest cost plans currently available. In Texas, for example, the lowest-cost bronze plan for a 27 year-old before tax credits will cost $139. This is significantly more that the premium of the lowest-cost 2013 plan, which, according to a recent GAO report, cost a 30 year-old Texas male $32 a month and a female of the same age $39 a month. After applying premium tax credits, the cost of the lowest-cost 2014 bronze plan for a 27 year-old (male or female) earning $25,000 a year drops to $83, but this is still more than the 2013 premium.
        However, the $32/$39 premium was for a $10,000 deductible plan with a $17,000 out-of-pocket maximum and 50 percent coinsurance. The 2014 bronze plan will likely have a deductible in the $3,000 to $4,400 range with 20 to 50 percent coinsurance and a $6,350 maximum; not first-dollar coverage, but at least bankruptcy protection.

    • I have had enough of politicians trying to undermine each other to win the next election. The teabaggers are obsessed with Obamacare and have done nothing except trying to repeal it. How sad is that? I hope during the current deficit debate that farm subsidies and other perks for the teabagger support base are also put on the table.

    • dices... I had a simular situation. Rich tea baggers are greedy and clueless.

    • The teabaggers are the biggest SFB hypocrites among the vast sea of SFB hypocrites posing as our leaders. I saw where one of their biggest loud mouths who wanted to cut everything from food stamps to social security was receiving over $1 M a year in farm subsidies. Hey teabaggers, see how long you stay in office if your cut the subsidies your supporters are getting. EVERYBODY IS ON UNCLE SUGARS band wagon.

      The teabaggers were being duped and subsidized by the super rich to keep their taxes low under the pretext of cutting the deficits. FYI, deficit has been cut in half.

      The reason the government had to come in was the health care business was totally out of whack. For those of you whining about higher rates please do a little math here if things continued without Obamacare.

      The projections for this decade were calling for health care to rise more than during the first decade. Currently, health insurance for a family of four costs $16,000 to $22,000 annually.

      Q: If that would go up another 120% this decade, how many businesses would pay all of it?
      A: Few , if any.

      Q: How many families could afford to take another $16,000 to $20,000 out of their pockets each year to pay for the increase?
      A. With a median family income around $51,000, few if any.

      IMHO, The dysfunctional health care industry deserves to get screwed.

      As you said, think about it!

    • Obama does not like poor folks. Earlier this month, labor leaders met at the White House to demand changes to the law that that leaves lower-income workers ineligible for subsidies that the law was supposed to provide. Many labor leaders have argued the law should be repealed the same demand usually heard from the most zealous of tea partyers.
      Under Obamacare Medicaid programs to ease the financial burden on lower-income people will be impacted. As a result, millions of people will be required to bear the costs.

    • You are lucky you got to retire. Many businesses are laying people off and making full time employees part time employees because of BOs healthcare plan and the BO economy. Just awful

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      • Just another hidden cost of the new health care plan...thousands of workers with hours and pay cut to stay out of the governments reach. More people on food stamps because of it, more taxes required by those that do get to keep their jobs. Obama doesn't talk about those things.

        Just like all those who don't qualify for UE benefits don't get counted any longer to make the numbers look better. Duck and dodge, manipulate numbers to get the ones you want. That is good government? Really?

    • "I retired early and took out a private plan with Aetna. I had a clean health care history and no claims, within 3 months I was hit with a 30% rate increase. I dropped Aetna and went to Anthem, same thing happened."

      Understand your frustration with Obamacare under Obamacare everyone has taken a hit. You are lucky only to have had only a 30% increase under Obamacare. Since the law was implemented most of America is seeing much greater increases and as being widely reported have had their employer drop health coverage altogether.

    • You got it right, It never fails theres always those who fall for whatever the Repuplicans say .

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