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  • low_mac low_mac Oct 29, 2013 8:57 AM Flag

    White House knew millions could not keep plans under Obamacare

    President Obama repeatedly assured Americans that after the Affordable Care Act became law, people who liked their health insurance would be able to keep it.

    I knew he was lying to all of us, because his lips were moving.

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    • SURPRISE!!!,!! The Village Idiot lied. Anyone with access to a TV set knew that,
      Prior to his election in 2008, the next 5 years of his reign just amplifies that. Think, fast n furious
      Solyndra, IRSscandal, and the other 600 million scandals liberal, uninformed voters cursed us all with.

    • Why do Republicans lies so much?
      All previous plans are "grand-fathered in"...if that plan was not chnnaged by your insurance providor, you can keep Insurance company decided to change your coverage( as they do almost ever year) to save money on their bottom line .

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      • "All previous plans are "grand-fathered in"...

        ONLY if existing plans meet the new government imposed minimum coverage standards. If insurance companies opt to meet the new minimum standards, someone will pay for it. If they don't opt to comply, they simply provide notice to the insured and drop the coverage. That is now happening. If the folks that wrote the new minimum requirements into the law thought the insurance companies would simply "eat" the increased cost to get to the new requirements, they were fools.

        WAKE UP! A larger and larger number of Americans are beginniing to do so.

      • Am patriot you need to read a little closer. About a year ago the Dem exec branch ADDED regulations that they KNEW the insurance companies couldn't handle/cover so yes, they dropped people thanks to the regs put up from HHSE/Sebelius. Please read and think so as to not show lack of knowledge. Get the FACTS right. BTW, I dislike BOTH parties. They BOTH lie.

      • Go to the AT&T web. Many employees are being dropped by their insurers. I'm under a union contract where I can keep mine. (I retired in 1983) but later employees are losing theirs. Obama lid and is still lying about almost everything. Quit listening to what he says and watch whats happrenning.

      • No, only union plans are grandfathered in, those and the plans of government workers. If an insurance company elects not to offer maternity benefits to older employees, if they change the deductible or co-pay rules, if they change the date you have to pay your premium, then it is a change as far as the ACA is concerned and they no longer comply with AVA rules. Of course the any bargained for plan does not have to meet those standards.

      • you're so funny ~ now, WHY does Obama "lie so much" ?

        on PBS's France24 (english), they had a field day, with about a 3 min. segment on Obama's "if you like your health insurance, you can keep it" .. including about 8 video clips with 'date stamps' (from 2009 forward)

        thanks for your comedy post ..

    • Since Obama stated his ACA is for the 15% that don't have health insurance .. then this should create a HUGE "backlash" from 85% of Americans.
      And YES, we may have the MSM on our side this time (??) since this will probably affect them also ??

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      • 50% of that 85% are hoping that they can keep what they have and if they aren't cancelled by their employer, they are praying that no one will notice. We are 'fundamentally' changing health care in this country for the 15%.

        I thought all Democrats believed in majority rule? That doesn't sound like a majority to me. Oh I forgot, majority rule counts only when they are the winners, other than then, right must win, when right is defined by the Democrats.

    • Interesting ? I don't know of any private ins. that doesn't have a cap on health benefits. There may be BUT I don't know of any.
      Mine is $2 million, and I want to keep what I have.

      It seems his media is jumping on this with both feet. I'm sure they have caps too and will be forced into the ACA - Obama is/was really stupid on this one !

    • but he campaigned on more gov't transparency. you mean he was telling a lie to the american people he claims to care so much about?

      what happened to kerry & syria?

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      • Kerry and Syria are no longer sufficient distractions to keep the media and the Republicans from asking pertinent questions about the ACA and what the true original plans were and what changes has the President made without the benefit of at least a Congressional review. Congress passed the law; they are the only ones that can change it.

    • After the smoke settles he will have #$%$ off the masses.

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