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  • echo2165 echo2165 Nov 1, 2013 8:57 PM Flag

    AHQ (final)...

    ...“Lie not, neither to thyself nor men nor God. Let mouth and heart be one — beat and speak together, and make both felt in action. It is for cowards to lie.” – George Herbert

    “Belief is otiose; reality is sufficiently awesome as it stands.” – Martin Amis

    "The U.S. has been spying on German Chancellor Angela Merkel for more than 10 years. Merkel actually called Obama to say that eavesdropping on allies 'is not acceptable.' Then Obama said, 'Yeah, well that's not what you said to England’.” - Jimmy Fallon

    “I’ve known what it is to be hungry, but I always went right to a restaurant.” – Ring Lardner

    “Latinos for Republicans…it’s like roaches for Raid.” – John Leguizamo

    "A new report found that 700 IRS employees owe a combined $5.4 million in back taxes. When IRS workers got the news, they said, 'Oh man, I hope I don't find out about this’!” - Jimmy Fallon

    “I wish you all sorts of prosperity with a little more taste.” – Alain-René Lesage

    “One idea I explore in my stand-up show is whether, if you try looking at the universe rationally and avoid coping mechanisms like mysticism or religion, you can still be happy knowing you are going to die after a brief time on this spinning ball.” – Robin Ince

    "Anybody try to sign up for the Obamacare? It's impossible, and everybody's furious. The Republicans are upset about Obamacare because something they tried to stop now won't get started." - David Letterman

    “It is easy to be brave from a safe distance.” – Aesop

    “Anyone that gets to side four is dumber than I am.” – Lou Reed, commenting on his discordant double album, Metal Machine Music

    “Have a good weekend, all.” – echo2165

    “Half the work that is done in the world is to make things appear what they are not.” – E.R. Beadle

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