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  • ricky1820l ricky1820l Nov 8, 2013 11:38 AM Flag

    BP vs Obamacare

    Like the BP disaster BO played golf, waited around and did nothing while the environmental impact of BP became worse each day instead of reacting immediately and accepting the help that was offered. Then when BO finally decided to get around to seeing what could be done protect the US gulf coast it was too late to prevent the damage so BO began shouting who will pay for this when he could have prevented it. In the same way Republicans and the Tea Party tried to delay and change Obamacare before it became the disaster it is now. Millions of Americans will be harmed by Obamacare far more than harm caused by the BP incident and the harm will impact the health of Americans in a way that pales in comparison to BP. In the same spirit of the BO shake down BP, Americans need to demand damages for this awful plan called Obamacare that threatens the health and financial well being of all Americans. this awful plan called Obamacare that threatens the health and financial well being of all Americans.

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    • drink to much GOP/Teabagger's kool-aid

    • You could be on to something!

      Surely there is an attorney in this country that would be willing to take on a class action law suit on behalf of those that have been harmed by the Affordable Care Act (i.e., Obama Care).

      Civil penalties could be imposed based upon false advertising (i.e., "If you like your plan...)

      Pain and suffering penalties could be imposed based on the pain and suffering that those who have had their policies canceled have had to endure because of the ACA.

      And finally criminal penalties could be pursued against government officials that have lied to congress, misused government funds (e.g., $640 million for a web site that doesn't work) and illegally used navigators for the purposes of increasing the ranks and promoting a political party.

      I am sure that a savvy attorney could come up with more infractions, but you get the point.

      There could be gold at the end of the Obama Care rainbow.

      I just love it when I get a chance to think like a democrat.

      "In your heart you know he is right."

      The Frogg

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      • Too early for that. Soon there will be more Democratic Party support to take the President to task for lying and for the nightmare this program is becoming. Slick Willy is already making snide comments in the beginning of his and Billary's driving for here spot on the next ticket. Many Congressional members facing reelection are starting to back away from him and his health care fiasco.

        t is not working as advertised, partly due to false advertising and partly because no one in Congress bothered to study the bill before it was passed. The Presidents likability and confidence in his performance is sinking like the proverbial rock and their doesn't seem to much he can do. The latest rumors are that they are going subsidize all those that got cancelled and are being forced to pay higher rates. That won't fly because the Republicans will not give him the money, and we don't have it. Poor planning, false advertising and really poor leadership and management are going to doom the joke.

        Just remember when the government tells you how to live, you no longer have a life. We are rapidly being changed, which was his plan all along, from citizens to subjects.

    • YEP, Obama's public apology doesn't mean 'shirt' when it comes to making excuses for HIS BIG 4 year LIE !!

      There is NO Out for the 'dirtbag' this time .. this is unforgivable !!

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