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  • wilkes71 wilkes71 Nov 18, 2013 2:21 PM Flag

    Republicans have no alternative ???

    I bet Obama and the Senate are wishing that they had paid more attention to the 46 Republican proposals to modify Obamasnare. In fact what Obama is now suggesting is awfully close to what was proposed and rejected in favour of the Democratic shutdown of the government.

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    • Well, what's old Harry gonna do now? He's in a bit of a pickle. He has legislation he doesn't like, Nancy doesn't like and the President doesn't like by a whole, whole bunch. On the other hand, because of screaming constituents (can you imagine), 39 House Democrats support it. Of course, he has a pot load of options, so I wonder who will be sold down the river this time?

    • There were many ways to adjust the health care processes to ensure that pre-existing conditions and cancellations for illness, etc. were addressed without creating an entire new process, adding mountains of new regulations, enormous hordes of new IRS agents, new taxes, new penalties, confusion, and costs.

      The Democrats did not care to or try to listen or consider any of those. Alternatives did not lead to what Obama wants, a single payer, funded by the taxpayer’s health care system. He did not and does not care about the masses or actual health care, only the power that comes with being able to control it.

      The Democratic Congress evolved into a helpless mass of lemmings.

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      • Back in the 1930's doctors took care of people because that is why they became doctors (they cared). Very few people had insurance but they had the assurance that doctors would care for them even if they couldn't pay. Most patients paid cash and doctors were generally well taken care of. Then, along came lawyers and doctors had to protect themselves with high cost insurance. People who were treated without charge sometimes became rich by suing their benefactor. Doctors became less anxious to care for people and had to raise their rates to cover the cost of insurance. Things have gone down hill ever since but it looks like we are about to hit bottom so cheer up. It will get better.

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