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  • echo2l65 Mar 27, 2014 12:39 AM Flag

    .. 5 More Shopping Days

    Yes, only 5 more shopping days before the GREAT IMPLOSION of ObamaCare !!

    We can thank the 'young invinceable' for doing what we couldn't .. and our "liberal friends" wouldn't !

    This is "absolute LAW" with no extensions, no exceptions .. (AGAIN).
    We must remember, Sebellius just told the media, how many times in the past 2 weeks (?) that March 31 is the final day, everything is on target .. it is LAW - (except for the ones that haven't signed up yet)

    GEE, we haven't had a real National FOLLY since "Fulton's FOLLY" untill now !
    Obama's FOLLY, now that's what I call a real legacy deserving of our Great Potentate.

    So y'all remember now, on March 31 ObamaCare is LAW (again) .. unless you haven't signed up yet because you didn't know how OR you couldn't log onto the "website" - and it's done on the (OBAMA) Honor System !!
    ....... Just like his Govt. transparency, with EVERYTHING .. for the past 5 years, HUH ? .......

    Bless your hearts you 'young invinceables' .. you are true American Patriots and didn't even know it :- }

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    • jimdavis33 Apr 1, 2014 11:31 AM Flag

      Koch Brothers have you bozos brainwashed with their millions of propaganda dollars spent attacking Obamacare, etc.

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      • The 'stated' primary purpose of this bill was to get all those millions of uninsured, insured. The estimate was in the 30-40M range. So, how many of those 30-40M are still uninsured? How many that previously had coverage and were knocked out by the ACA bill are part of the 6M Obama is bragging about? What about the other 26or so million that aren't talked about by Obama? Are they covered? What about those that had to drop coverage because the new cost was too high? Are they included in any of the administrations statistics? Didn't think so.

        This numbers game is almost as clever as the unemployment numbers they publish and then revise.

        This was never about health care, because it does nothing for actual health 'care' except make it harder to get. This is about power and money and his 'fundamental' change for America, previously the best country on the planet...until we elected this know nothing numbskull.

      • koch brothers are american heroes

      • You are a numbnut!

    • echo2l65 Mar 29, 2014 11:52 AM Flag

      Two more shopping days for "sticker shock" - here's some facts !

      o - Weighted Avg in AZ for 30 y/o making 25K per yr (young millinials) - $2424 with deductable of $4000 and $5200 limit for 'out of pocket' expenses.

      o - Illinois = $3676 w/$5K ded.& $5200 out of pocket exp.

      o - Tx = $2460 w/$5K ded. and $5200 out of pocket exp.
      - - - - - - -

      o - For 30 y/o making $30K per yr - Illinois = $4092 per yr (same as above)

      o - AZ is $2772 ( same as above)

      All before FULL H/C coverage kicks in

      AND the good news is .. there are 15 'Hardship' exemption for the March 31 deadline - anything from family death, to evictions, the dog ate my homework, to utility shut-offs, etc. that proof is needed.
      BUT lets focus on # 15 ... If you don't have proof for the above, then we'll forgive you & excuse you :-)

      Sentiment: Buy

    • I enjoyed the President's comments to selected Hispanic groups complaining that they were not signing up in large enough numbers and were only hurting themselves. It was fun to watch his helper squirm when asked how they knew that Hispanics weren't signing up in big enough volumes because the ACA process was not supposed to tell anyone anything about ethnicity or age when you signed up. That data was supposed to be protected.

      He has turned what many Democrats thought was their golden goose into a ugly duckling.

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