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  • madam_hillary07 madam_hillary07 Apr 4, 2014 10:40 AM Flag

    The calculus of fudged numeroes

    I rarely agree, if ever, with Kramer but as he correctly pointed out once during the last several months, the calculus of smart phones simply does not add up. How? T-MUSK is saying they added new smartish-lookin phones. SPLINT is saying the same as is VZ and AT&T. Kramer was as I am, the numerous simply don't add up given that those who nIEEEd smart phones have had already purchased and to argue that all these vendors arguing "there is" a growth simply couldn't be further than market realities. Simply said, their ambiguosio statements are simply lies because they violate the basic principle of arithmitikoa.

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    • I love math,, but haven't given it much thought. There are roughly 4,000,000 babies born in the U.S. each year. assuming 70% reach an age that can afford a smart phone and 50% of them buy a phone. that would be about 1,400,000 new service contracts each year. now multiply that by 140 countries (because some countries are just now getting into smart phones) that would be 196 million new contracts a year. That's a lot of room to expand in. The market is not yet saturated.

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      • The U.S. smart phone market IS saturated. Calculate the death toll in U.S. Now the global population wouldn't be applicable in the topic discussed by madam_hillary would it? Not unless T is getting ready to jump across the pond into EU and emerging markets would global figures matter. EU is not yet saturated with smart phone penetration.

        The huge market just getting the keg tapped is India with its telegram service finally closing last year. It wasn't because of reliable land line network either (unreliable and why telegrams lasted this long). Cell phones as well as smart phones penetration is just now starting to attain a little mass in a snowball effect move. IF T decides to buy VOD I think it would be very wise to keep VOD India assets. There have been rumors of a large partition of VOD with T only keeping EU while China Mobil takes India assets, Orange takes Africa,...

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