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  • ekos.gotkudeez ekos.gotkudeez Apr 10, 2014 10:24 AM Flag

    Headline - Unemployment Claims Down

    Good news for the economy ? - Unemployment claims are down .. (ya think that's good news ?).

    Think again !!

    After 5 years and 75 to 85% of the job seeking unemployed population have exausted their ALL of their benefits - don't you think this would explain WHY "Unemployment Claims are DOWN ? ... (DUH)

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    • I think what is most shocking to me is that I have repeatedly explained to you people that unemployment claims have nothing to do with the unemployment rate, yet it still has not registered.

      Here it is again:.
      1. US Census Bureau Current Population Survey: Used to estimate the unemployment rate.
      2. Unemployment claims: NOT used to estimate the unemployment rate.

      Does that register with you? I do not know how much simpler I can possibly make it for you.

    • Benefits should have only been 26 weeks, not 4 1/2 was all just to cover Obamas failure

    • I cant work because i have to stay home to get all of those entitlement checks in the mail.

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      • Yep 'greenbacks' .. I'm with ya dude :-) - I used to walk to the appropriate Agencies to get ALL of my various govt, state and local checks .. but now they're electronicly delivered to my bank.

        YEP - I've gained 250 lbs since then .. got a all new wardrobe - and with my 'extra food stamps', 20 cell-phones & other double-dipping programs, I'm able to 'blackmarket' alot of my free bene's & stuff - I've gotten my new 65 inch H.D.T.V & Super Delux Cable package !!
        DANG .. life is SOOO much better unda dis man

    • Yep, the only reason the claim count is down is because so many have quit looking and their benefits have run out. Many of those 'newly' employed under Obama are working part-time or reduced hours and for less pay. Good job rebuilding the economy he had a large hand in ruining.

    • ekos, and also it goes down when you move peole from unemployment to disability

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      • Yes tiglet .. you all are correct - and newly qualified Medicaid, due to long term unemployment (sick of looking).

        Next point bears repeating from 'killroy's msg... his ACA video bite from yesterday touting his 7.5 mil signups .. his voice changed after stating 7.5mil, then nonchalauntly stated .. "and even have a 'few' that have NEVER had Healthcare before" - oh, then who was signing up ?

        Could it be I'd have to take a few hits of 'kool-aid', then try to match his words with his his math ??? again ?

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    • Don't talk sense to bone heads. They believe everything the "Ministry Of Truth" tells them. There are lies, damned lies and then there are " statistics."

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      • echo2l65 Apr 12, 2014 7:07 PM Flag

        THREE CHEERS for the Militia, the Ranchers, and just damn good freedom loving Citizens tired of big Govt. under Obama !!

        Those BLM "jack-booted" THUGS .. under Obama & Holder, have packed-up their 'sheet' and skidaddled back to Washington
        YEP, that was gonna REAL nasty, and Obama & Holder will STILL be forced to take ownership of this Govt. 'over-reach' on it's citizens !!

        Now we've got to STOP the IRS from billing 'children' of any parent that died, with the mistake of "overpayments" by the IRS - OR 'any' a tax bill not incurred by their children !!
        Just another "jack-booted THUG" branch of Govt that has blossomed under the WANTS of the Obama & Holder Regime

        I could go on and on with this topic, but November is just around the corner :- ]

      • Yes - and two articles from 'el presidente's 7.5 million ACA sign-ups

        The first poll said 7.5 mil .. and the second acknowledged that only 1.2 mil. were new enrollees and 6.3 had been booted off their 'existing policies' (that they could KEEP) - das a fact

        Now el presidente really needs to get co-ordinated with HIS media, this doesn't look good for him ?

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