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  • ekos.gotkudeez ekos.gotkudeez Apr 30, 2014 9:51 PM Flag

    Simply Amazing .. Susan Rice !!

    YES, it's now confirmed that Susan Rice got her Benghazi Talking Points directly from the W.H. "inner circle", not from the State Dept, the CIA or NSA.

    Yes, on the Sunday "Talk Shows" she knew she was lying, and that she was ordered to "lie" - FACT
    ..... (and now confirmed via W.H. email documentation) .....

    But of coarse we knew this all the time .. and ya know WHY (??), because if it walks like a duck, QUACKS like a duck, and looks like a duck .. then it must be a "damn" DUCK :-)

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    • More "BULL" from the Bull-Meister himself !
      (quote) "we have exceeded our goal by signing up 7million to the ACA - and "some" new enrollments" .. (in a much lower tone of voice, I heard it myself)

      Today's story from Forbes - New McKinsey Poll: 74% of ACA 'sign-ups' were from the PREVIOUSLY "INsured" pool

      So by the math this means 375 mil of the Bull-Meister's original [15%] of Americans NEEDING ACA ?
      15% of 375 Mil Americans = approx. 56&1/4 mil. people .. @ 7 million sign-ups .. and 74% were PREVIOUSLY INSURED .. this would mean HE had about 1.8 MILLION NEW sign-ups out of his 7 MilI people (SUCCESS) - out of our approx 375 MILLION Population.

      So what's with THE less than "0.06%" of his (SO CALLED) 15% of Americans that NEEDED his ACA (?) .. and even I FELL for his 15% number : (

      The moral = after 6 yrs he's STILL fulla "BULL"

    • Speaking of more spin from the "left" .. back then (2009) we were warned of ACA "death panels" - the Obama Libs, Pelousi & Reid claimed this was a false by-product claim from the 'Right' .. OH Really ?
      So what's this hidden circumventing of the V.A's 14 day waiting list causing so many deaths ? Sounds like a Govt. 'death panel' to me - and of all people, our Veterans ?
      BTW you lefties, I AM a Vet. I've tried the V.A. but went back to 'private H/C'. If needed I can get sameday service at my private physician, and if tests are needed I can usually get one within a week.

      Don't forget .... "we have to pass it to see what's in it" - (Nancy Gasbag, 2009)

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      • 14 day waiting list? I was told I would have to wait a year to see a VA doctor here in Phoenix. Just confirms what the news is saying. I am also told that to get a prescription from a private doctor filled at a VA clinic it has to go through a VA doc first. Gee, a year to get a prescription filled. All this while they channel money all over the world to every tin horn dictator their is.

    • And Candy Crowley says:

      o Our "dear leader" never agreed with the original talking points,
      o Our "dear leader" was in the "john" when all of this Benghazi stuff was going on
      o What difference (at this point) does it make
      o It's the Koch brothers fault
      o Only a fool would have believed that our "dear leader" believed that the Benghazi attach was caused by a YouTube video
      o And finally, it's all George Bush's fault

      Bottom line: Four Americans died to protect our "dear leader's" campaign narrative, and the stonewalling continues today.

      Can anyone say "Watergate" cover up?

      "In your heart you know he is right."

      The Frogg

    • go to the library for book on

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      • joe-pie , you're really funny - I've looked over some of your past post to make sure I didn't mis-understand you ?
        Would you care to translate 'your post' from Nov.13th .. "and they proceede to bloack every and any obama iniatibve" :-)

        I told you guys to quit drinking that Kool-Aid, it might make ya stoopid :-)

      • "NEW Book on Benghazi" (that's funny) .. by who ??
        It seems the W/H withheld e-mails germain to the investigation .. from 2 yrs ago.
        That's like trying to read a "fiction novel" with lots of pages intensionally omitted, written by a left-wing Author - or W/H staff : )

      • New book on Benghazi .. HA !!
        Do you know how long it takes to write, publish & market a NEW BOOK on BENGHAZI ?
        For FRESH NEWS buy a newspaper, or check the 'internet'

        OH, one of your older posts says your idol simply mis-spoke .. heck, he's been mis-speaking since his first inauguration. When someone continues to mis-speak over and over again on the same topic yet does nothing to correct it - then he's a LIAR

    • I can hardly wait for Obama's "I'm not a #$%$" speech (another lie).

    • The reason they left the man to die was to make sure he didn't talk. He was there seeing to the transfer of the weapons we gave those that toppled Khadaffi to the Syrian foes of Assad. If it hadn't been for Putin we would have troops there right now. More and more proof that so called "rebels" were the ones using the Sarin gas given them by Turkey.

    • Simply amazing that the WH 'damaging email' was (OOPS, left out) of the original subpeoned documents, for the previous Benghazi investigation hearings.
      Not to fear, Judicial Watch (accidently) received it thru the "freedom of information act".

      There are two issues on this now ..

      o - So 'Dingy Harry' is crying foul, blaming the Koch Bros. of a conspiracy for those newly discovered documents .. of hacking & planting phony e-mails to be sent to Judicial Watch, addressed FROM the W.H. to blame his great potentate ...
      o - Then, there is Kerry's testimony at the intitial Benghazi Hearings .. he's been subpeoned again for testimony on these (previously) omitted documents.
      So the questions ARE (mulitple choice) .. 'if" he appears on the 21st of this month ?

      # 1 .. will he try to escape, in his Swift Boat ?
      # 2 .. will he PLEAD the 5th ?
      # 3 ..will he drink THE 5th ?
      # 4 .. will el presidente' allow him to zoom in with his Swift Boat, then stagger up wearing his Viet Nam camo's as he testifies ?

      OH never mind ... I've just learned he's been scheduled for 2 months of A.A.'rehab' (Bahama's) .. and will be OUT of the Country for the near future !!
      ... btw, what would Holder do ? ....

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