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  • smalls_62 smalls_62 Jul 3, 2014 11:08 AM Flag

    The Three Little Pigs (satellite, telecom/cable, and fiber players)


    Nice conversation I've had on other media I had to post.

    Google goosed Grande in Austin too. Rabbit isn't a bad epithet but it isn't Google they are chasing in individual markets. Cable and wired telecom are getting pushed into keeping Google out. Maybe we can call Google the fox trying to get into the hen house or it might be most appropriate 'The Three Little Pigs' and Google is the big bad wolf. Fat little pigs going to have to ease up on the hog trough and fortify their communications market. Satellite TV is the straw house, cable & copper telecoms built of sticks who can quickly add brick veneer with fiber hybrid technology if they choose such. The strongest house will be VZ FiOS and the likes of local/regional full fiber players like Grande Communications. Google Fiber/TV is forcing a move for communications players to get off their backsides and build the brick house. I notice Grande is offering 1 gbps for $64.99/month. :-) AT&T headed in the wrong direction blowing $68B to avoid bandwidth consumption instead of building a network to support the demand. People will enjoy their lag free internet in addition to seamless TV feed not subject to weather issues like satellite and at a cheaper price than a DTV subscription costs. DTV is the straw house and Stephenson thinks letting the straw pig into his stick house is going to save their bacon. Pun intended.

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