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  • LOOSENTYOU LOOSENTYOU Dec 8, 1997 8:10 PM Flag

    "Digital Worriers Want Baby Bells' Blood

    There have been several messages in this thread by a bunch of rookies including the TelecomAnalyst who rate the RBOCs rather highly. Here is what today's Journal says about the Baby Bells:

    1. Mr. Robert Metcalfe who invented the Ethernet and founded 3Com
    in refernce to the RBOCs says: "They're stupid jerks and they must be destroyed". He goes on to say "I want to expose their
    laziness, their stupidity, and their fraudulent price structure".

    2. A Silicon Valley investor, Roger McNamee says: "Our industry is driven by Moore's Law". "Theirs is driven by Moron's Law- the morons who run and regulate American's telcos".

    3. The digital crowd isn't waiting around. The telco chief[s] are
    smooth and superb at their game. But the digital crowd couldn't care less about being friends. Theirs is a blood

    Source: "Digital Worriers Want Baby Bells' Blood", WSJ, 12/8/97,Page A24

    -I totally agree with the views and ideas expressed in this article and truely believe the Baby Bells are headed for a total annihilation.

    -Don't forget about LUCENT too. The people at Lucent have structured their long range business plans on survival of RBOCs
    of which according to the article is highly questionable.

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    • I suspect I know much more than you do about the telecommunications industry.

      I let you in on a little secret: all the major LD carriers are afraid of the RBOCs. They won't say so in public, but it's a common fear based on GTE and SNET.

      I would like you to lay out in detail why the largest and best financed companies in America are going to collapse. A coherent
      argument, not a lot of rhetoric.

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