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  • comsperison comsperison Dec 18, 1997 5:11 PM Flag

    Worldcom and AT&T

    Right now a better comparison would be more like
    AT&T is like Netscape and Worldcom is Microsoft.

    I can't see Worldcom ending up like Apple, in fact not even close. If thats what you Want to think, fine but your wrong.

    Good luck and don't say you weren't warned when this stock
    is hit with a TON of profit taking.

    Worldcom WILL be number ONE.

    You are like netscape was earlier this year and are due for a

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    • WCOM will be no#1?!?! Mot even by a long shot, in fact the merged WCOM+MCI wont be tgat far ahead of Sprint. WCOM as many others have said is a monmetum stock, or as I call it, a buzz stock. Even the rosy forecasts by the analysts say that WCOMs pre share profits wont even be close to that of AT&T, and again I must restate, WCOM will be relatively cash poor after the merger, a fact that no WCOM supporters do not respond to.
      WCOM is no MS, AT&T is basically in MS positions, while WCOM is in Netscapes position, being a buzz stock for a while untill people caught on that its profits are not that hot. T will not fall, while one more hic up in the market will cause WCOM to crumble.

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