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  • pjcret pjcret Dec 18, 1997 8:35 PM Flag

    Stockhlders Sandbagged by the Bd of Dir.

    Suddenly everything that Armstrong is doing is right. Are we children or what? One can't help but wonder why it has taken so long to sell AT&T Universal Card, Direct TV, AT&T Solution
    when the subject according to the "Street" it was being discussed during Bob Allen's reign. Shades of Walter who surprised the "Street" by proving himself more than capable only to be refused by the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors
    through careful uncertainty had the "financial markets" stretched regarding AT&Tan underperformer, creating dissary
    and discouragement to its stockholder and Institutions to sell.

    .Board of Directors move after careful thought, pronounce the kind of policy and the Executives implement them as spelled out. These "distinquished" men and women are not dummys. They know what timing is and the consequence of their kind of policy.
    When the time was right they were rewarded...... with a new "champion".

    C'mon... Allen was kicked upstairs when Armstrong came in. They could have kick him upstairs when they Walter was surprising everyone and taking charge. These guys were responsible for the go ahead purchase of NCR. Guardians or .....Tricky?

    Smells of a class action of "abuse of power".

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    • Looks like T is right on track! I don't care how or why! Dumb luck or not, this company has serious cash to invest when the market may be reeling. The weakened tech market is T's oyster right now! Let's go to work! Increased dividends or stock buy-back programs are for @#%!@#$! Time to get agressive.

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