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  • W_C_O_M W_C_O_M Jan 5, 1998 11:57 PM Flag


    Right when I pick mcic the rainbow coalition, and another group
    start comming down on the deal. I am a WORLDCOM (WCOM) stock
    holder and will be devistated if the deal doesn't go through.

    Think how much more difficult it will be for the industry as a
    whole if it doesn't!

    Sell T buy WCOM - sorry but it's the best thing to do this year
    at least - don't get so attached, it's money it doesn't care
    if you "love" T or not.

    Worldcom WILL outperform T this year but don't take my word for
    it. To tell you the truth I want to buy more as soon as I can
    afford to. Even thought about borrowing the money to do so.

    Oh well whatever you do you will regret unless you sell T and
    buy WCOM.

    I would tell you not to fall in love with your stock but I have
    already done so with Worldcom and think it is the best thing since the internet (which it will control most of).

    Has everyone kept their new years resolutions, I didn't make
    any myself but am always striving to be a better person..etc

    SEE YAH!!

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    • It is a HUGE misnomer that WCOM will controll the internet if they mege with MCI. In fact, UUnets and to a lesser extent
      MCIs priceing is allready quite high for T-1, mutch less T-3 connectivity. At the same time AT&T is in process of building and
      expaning its new backbone, while GTE is pumping alot of money into its backbone(formerly BBN). And dont forget Sprint. Wether or not
      AT&T will take the lead on price for its backbone, who knows, but it will have a very large amount of capacity. But GTE is very
      competitive, while UUnets high prices have made smaler backbones like Digex quite desireable alternatives to the big boys. My guess, with
      all the competition, and some ISPs switching to different backbones, and companies as well, by mid 98 WCOM/MCI will have 40% or
      less of the backbone market. If WCOM really wants to corner the market in backbone connectivity, they are in for a rude

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