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  • marinshell marinshell Jan 6, 1998 11:40 AM Flag

    rut ro

    I could not agree with you more. TCG is so blatantly obvious as an AT&T acquisition. It is about time for AT&T to fire a missle over the deck of MCI, Worldcom, and in particular SBC! Of all the nerve of SBC doing this little SNET deal is just another attempt to rattle AT&T. If AT&T headquarters were in Ohio, SBC probably would have acquired Cincinnatti Bell!

    When all of this dust settles, mark my words, AT&T will own either Ameritech or Southern Bell. My bet is Ameritech, which would explain Ameritech's feverish international expansion.

    Any other thoughts?

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    • 1. Not clear the FCC and Justice Department will ever allow a RBOC to merge with a LD carrier (T) having 50% of the long distance market. Everyone knows that the point of merger is to eliminate LD competition from the acquired RBOC. That's why T went after SBC to eliminate a big threat in California and Texas.
      Allow T to evade competition by acquiring it? It's blatant.

      2. AT&T has massive international facilities. Why that explains Ameritech's feverish international expansion eludes me. A better explanation is that Ameritech wants to go after large multinational industrial firms headquartered in the MidWest. That's a real meal.

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      • OK - go ahead and flame me but:

        I figured out RBOC (regional bell operating companies), LD (long distance) and cpm (cost per minute) but is anybody willing to tell me what

        IXC, CLEC, CAPs, LEC (local exchange comething ?), PCS...

        stand for ?

        Maybe I don't need to know, since I can guess from context that T, FON, MCIC are IXC's (for example), but still I'd like to have the real answers to subsititute for the abbreviations when they end up in TA's ,etc. posts.

        Thanks for sparing a few moments to fill in the clueless.

        PS: Teen-agers interested in supplying raunchy versions are encouraged to post on their favorite AOL chat room.

      • Who'd a thunk that what has happened since TC act of 1996 would happen: SBC/Pacific Telesis, NYNEX/Bell Atlantic, MCI/And whoever will have them, what has been happening over the past year alone has definitely resulted in the martrdome of AT&T. The more out of hand things get, the more plausible that the DOJ will permit AT&T to acquire a BELL. AND, the new ingrediant is Armstrong who I have heard carries a BIG stick in Washington and unlike Allen, is not Afraid to hit people with it.

        As for AT&T's so called massive international facilities; look again. AT&T's international plans have significantly erroded over the past 18 months - particularly in Europe (Walters didn't help here). AT&T international is also very patchy; they can use all of the international assistance they can get.

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