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  • lissylissy lissylissy Feb 4, 1998 5:43 PM Flag


    I needed that one day

    break from the top-its lonely there!
    Thanks for making this more fun than I could ever have and I don't mean because I'm wining-nice job
    lissylissy=ATT is still gonna go down for a while real soon!

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    • This message is an honest question to you lissylissy.There are many stocks doing just great. Example: DELL LU MSFT INTC AMAT
      CISCO and many more. And there are many stock that are not doing good. T falls somewhere in between. You have taken up on T stock
      to bash it as this is the only stock you don't like. Is there any other reason than just your opinion? If you know something
      about this stock that is not known to most of us, would you please share with us? You know this stock was trading at 44 only four
      months ago and now around 65. I suggest you to look July option (may be August) for 65 strike price. it is trading at 4 1/2. There
      is some money to be made with this stock.

      Hope you will answer with patience.


      • 2 Replies to Houstonme
      • Houstonme,

        can you help educate me on the use of the options and how to leverage their benefits?

        the doc

      • To put it simply-revenue is falling and earnings will fall from large investments and the layoff charges.IMO I believe ATT"S current price and bouyancy at this level is supported an enigma that has always been ATT.The holding of Mom and Pop shares as well as those held by employees are governed by an intangible mentality:
        1) the loss is only on paper it will go back up.-Why not sell and buy back?
        2)This is ATT they can't lose,look how big they are.-Don't bet on it.
        3)Look they spent 11 billion thats good isn't it.-OK now what-hey everyone lets invest in a company that would spend 11 billion on something and not be clear on what they plan to do-and if they have a plan is an 11 billion gamble prudent in an industry that can turn on a dime and is uncertain to how they will get a foothold in our homes.
        The list goes on but I see the future winner as the company that has their foot in as many doors as possible.In the future everyone will do every thing from home if they choose.TV ,phone ,computer,radio,banking ,orders for everthing,alarms,pay bills -all on one line with one bill.
        It could be ATT but while all this reorganizing is going on others are not waiting for them to catch up.A company like ATT
        can't cannibalize in order to forge ahead because it can leave a company vunerable.Its like the old saying about why wouldn't a
        tire manufacturer make a tire that dosen't go flat and lasts 200,000 miles and sell it at the same price as the millions of older
        tires in their inventory-have their salespeople and marketing push the new tire and expect people to want the old one also.

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