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  • kwhit98 kwhit98 Apr 15, 2000 5:07 PM Flag

    Psychology of the Market

    The market psychology continues to be fascinating
    but very elusive to comprehend. It is my feeling that
    the Justice Department under the current
    administration coupled with the verbal threats backed up with
    interest rate hikes by the Fed Chairman have a great deal
    to do with the current free fall in the

    When Justice obtained the ruling of a friendly Judge
    against Microsoft the wheels were set in motion.
    Investors in tech stocks lost confidence in the dot coms
    when they saw that the successful MSFT was being
    hammered in the market place. If the King could brought to
    his knees what would non-profitable tech stocks be
    able to do in order to withstand a market onslaught?
    The cycle and self fulfilling prophesy of the
    naysayers could then be proven correct what with panic
    selling and the forced meeting of margin requirements by
    investors with borrowing positions.

    All in all it
    borders upon being comptemptible when Justice attacks one
    of capitalism's greatest success stories and as a
    group of wanabees try to take it down. In this age of
    technology a monopoly in the tech area can't exist simply
    because the pace of technologolical advancement is too
    rapid. If a technical corporation doesn't improve and
    expand its products, the market together with
    competition will solve the problem. The Justice Department
    can't possibly do anything constructive, but we have
    seen great destruction rendered upon the American
    economy as a result of their actions, to say nothing that
    they have likely hurt the one greatest contributor as
    an industry leader to this nation's budget surplus
    and may have hurt the surplus for some time to

    Since "Bore Gore" invented the Internet, where is his
    position in this matter since I would presume that he
    invented free enterprise along with "Slick

    However, as a T holder the market reaction will prove that
    T truly is a "Blue "Chip" which will prove to be a
    great stock coupled with AWE as a tracking stock.

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    • the "thought" pieces about economic policy,
      Greenspan, Justice, etc. Gives me something to ponder. I
      could do without the psychic friends food fights of the
      ilk "t'is so!" "t'is not!" Let's face it, if any of
      us knew with certainly what's going to happen with
      the market or any issue, we'd all be rich and the
      Democrats would hate that.

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