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  • jx07 jx07 Apr 27, 2000 10:23 AM Flag

    Hate to say it,AWE is gonna b like PALM

    I'm not too sure getting in now is a
    wise decision til we see what the t
    board has in store for AWE. Maybe after
    some steady history I'll buy into AWE

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    • And I am RARELY as outspoken about stock
      disappointments as this:

      THEMSELVES AT AT&T by the way this was handled. It really is
      all about them, and the shareholders are selling T to
      buy the tracker because it's cheap to do

      Oh well, live and learn I guess...

      likelinood is that the IPO price will stabilize somehwere
      lower than here later this year and then start a steady
      climb. It's still a hot sector after all. What am I left
      with for now? A company that sells cable services and
      long distance--without the thing that makes it most
      attractive. Fudge.


    • is a big disappointment. I'm also disappointed in
      my own judgement and how wrong I was. I didn't think
      that the wireless segment of T was fully priced into
      the market value of T, and obviously I was wrong. But
      also shame on Armstrong for leading shareholders on
      with his statements about how the tracking stock would
      unlock the true value of T. No big winners here except
      the AWE underwriters and of course T corporate
      because they got the investment capital they wanted. The
      shareholders are sucking the hind one again.

    • who has held T and has been patient over the past
      several months, and then hears about this "fabulous" IPO
      and holds his shares a lot longer than he would have
      wanted, this is a crummy way to end up. The stock can
      barely hold 50 and has been in the same trading range
      for months. The IPO has done nothing for my shares,
      and in fact has depressed them in the end. What a
      waste of time and money T has been. All the while I
      could have been invested in something with any kind of
      a return, like my semiconductor investments which
      have actually made me some decent money. Unbelievable.

      All the while I have gritted my teeth and held my
      shares while they can't even get my phone service
      correct. They say they'll call at this time on this date,
      and I take time to sit by the phone and wait, and
      guess what... NO CALL!!

      I can't wait to get


    • I guess anyone that disagrees with you is stupid? You're betting AWE will go to $10. I'm betting it will go up. You sound like a real genious though, really.

      What is PALM?


    • I am going to wait and buy at $10.

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