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  • axzl axzl May 15, 2000 6:28 AM Flag

    Bloomberg reported on May 12th

    that Armstrong and Noski have been meeting
    nonstop with analysts since T lowered its earnings
    forcaste from $1.92 to $1.87.

    Its good to see that
    smily little liar out hustling his butt to try to save

    IMO T will rise to near $57 during the next few
    months. The reason is that if it doesn't T will have to
    lay out cash to close the Media One merger. The
    lowered earnings forcaste may have been nothing more than
    a very risky PR move on Armstrong's part to
    temporarily run the stock price down to let big investors in
    at bargain levels.

    Time will tell. My guess
    is that Armstrong will continue to work behind the
    scenes with analysts and release more encouraging news
    and views about the future of T and T will respond by
    rising to near the required $57 level.

    AWE, Armstrong is playing the smoke and mirrors game
    with T shareholders. Apparently AWE was fully valued
    in the share price of T; Maybe over valued. It may
    be that T has no value to give to shareholders
    through the distribution of AWE. Even if there is some
    value there, Armstrong is working overtime trying to
    figue out how to distribute the shares of AWE to
    shareholders without giving the shareholders anything of value
    while the dollars accrue to T for their own use. If one
    looks at the AWE stock sale last week, nobody benefited
    except ATT Corporate and of course the underwriters.
    Armstrong will do the same thing when the rest of AWE is
    distributed. He will figure out a way to keep all the money
    right in ATT and shareholders will again shake their
    heads wondering what happened to all that value that
    was unlocked. But the truth is the value was unlocked
    but not to shareholders; Only to ATT for corporate
    use. Actually it is a brilliant scheme that is legal
    trickery on the T shareholders.

    Armstrong is using
    the E stocks as a model. The E commerce stocks have
    lows sales, no profits, and good PR people that
    realize that most investors don't realize what they are
    doing. The E commerce companies sell stock and use the
    capital to sell products to the public at a discount and
    a loss. When their capital is depleted they go back
    to the public and sell more stock and do the same
    thing over again. I'm not saying that ATT is as bad as
    the E commerce companies; Only to the extent that ATT
    is going to keep all the money from AWE for
    corporate use while Armstrong gives the shareholders
    nothing but false hope. Only the most astute investors or
    traders will make money with T in the coming months, IMO!

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