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  • lesjohnson lesjohnson Jun 15, 2000 2:41 AM Flag

    T Technology

    Done deal! TDMA is a giant loser. How is T to
    compete? Long distance rates continue to approach the
    tangential--zero cents per minute for the non-eng in the group.
    From whence is the additional revenue to come? What
    can T purchase that will make a difference? I do not
    really care about any of the answers, just an excerise
    in business logic--I own no shares, nor am I short

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    • Actually, long distance continues to be a steady
      source of revenue. The problem is that T management
      needs to more rapidly integrate data, voice, and
      entertainment transmission. In select markets, Media One has
      done a much better job of this than T. This is an
      execution problem. In the long run, businesses and
      households are going to want to pay one bill for their
      telecom and entertainment services. T is in a good
      position (assuming UMG shareholders are still willing to
      go along with the merger) to bring this about. The
      future of long distance, as a revenue generator, is
      probably better than the increasingly pessimistic
      observations, but it is not a very good stand-alone business.
      At the end of the day, all these services must be
      bundled as one. This is why eventually T management must
      either execute better or they will find themselves on
      the street (after BTY or some other big European
      telecom takes advantage of the cheap price T's assets are
      currently being sold for on the market).

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      • that T must execute better is right on IMO. They
        are moving at a pace that is even hard to measure.
        For example, when they announced the AWE tracking
        stock, it took them months to get it issued, and by the
        time they got around to it the good times for raising
        capital were over. Now they are doing the same thing by
        stringing shareholders along with the promise that we will
        receive our shares in AWE SOMETIME in the future. The
        fact is that T is trading at a level that should
        already reflect the transfer of the shares of

        The lower earnings announcement was the killer
        though. Nobody wants to buy stock in a company with
        decling profits. When the profit picture turns aroung so
        will the share price of T. Anyone care to guess when
        that is likely to happen

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