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  • charles40 charles40 Feb 8, 2010 6:34 PM Flag

    welcome, i've been waiting

    this index of livestock prices is set
    to run up big. i've been waiting for
    over a month. today was the day that was
    different and will be followed by a very
    very strong rally.. think 44 to 46.
    in this market if you can find something
    going up---there will be a stampede into
    it. theres appears to be shortage of beef
    and pork in the near future. the problem?
    of course its always money, lack of loan
    money available to buy livestock, so production
    is cut back. these livestock eat 4-6 dollars
    in grain everyday, so if you can't borrow the
    money to buy em, and can't risk feeding them
    on borrowed money, you are gonna back away
    from raising them, just to risky, so the few
    that are daring, and liquid, will be rewarded
    with much higher prices based on low supply.
    well, thats what i learned in econ 101
    and econ 101 has been ignored for the last
    20 yrs.- but that don't mean econ 101 was
    incorrect, it just means it was bent/skewed
    by 20 yrs of insanely easy money. well now
    those days are gone and the price of protein
    is going up, up, up. as the cost of production,
    plus a profit, must be paid by someone.
    not paid for, by an even bigger loan.
    welcom all, enjoy the ride, its gonna
    be a firecracker of a 4th of july.
    5 dollar hamburger is on the way.
    and 20 dollar a pound strips and filets.

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