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  • analogphoneline analogphoneline Feb 2, 2013 6:43 AM Flag

    A little more info

    When you put the November 1st 2012 call together with the January 15th 2013 Needham conference you get something I find really interesting. During the November call they say cash was up around 7.5 million and during the Needham conference just recently they said cash was up around 8 million at the end of the quarter. This being said, it sounds like Q4 might just be cash flow positive.

    With all the subtle positive news I dont see how we don't move consistenly up into the report as see a nice leap again that day.

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    • Wow, when will it be learned that cash doesn't mean anything here? If it did, the stock never would have taken a dive like this, especially when it had $75-$100 Million and no debt at one point. It's about positive earnings, and sales growth. All cash does is keep the company afloat. It doesn't move a stock. Just take a look at Apple and their cash. Why isn't the stock at all time highs then?

      Once again, we have another long living on a prayor and trying to avoid the truth.

    • Sorry, Its expected that SMSi will be cash flow positive by us. The outside investment community might see it as a suprise though. The real suprise is that some additional cash flow may have been provided by business and not just taxes.

    • The $7.5m is a tax rebate. Slide 18 shows the operating loss for Q4 was $3.7m. The operating loss for Q3 was $5m so the loss per quarter is reducing. Which is as expected as the volume of products shipped ramps up with Sprint and T-Mobile and they take priudent management action by driving down operational costs.

      Slide 17 also shows the total cash position at the end of Q3 was $34.5m with total assets of nearly $58m. With 35.88m shares outstanding the company is worth $1.62 a share. That values all their products and contracts at $0. That is why this stock is way oversold.

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