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  • bancinvstr bancinvstr Oct 27, 2006 11:52 AM Flag

    Something is going on

    So far this year there were 46 insiders transactions. All were in June or before. 14 stock option transactions were made and some programed sales were also recorded. Since June there have been NO transactions. This has been a very long blackout period. I think they are either buying or selling. My money is on a sale.

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    • Agreed, they are looking for a suitor.

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      • Maserco,
        You may know better than I, however, I just can't see that being the case at this time. The president and his marketing boys have been on road trips around the country over the past few months, looking to tout the company's stock to institutional/private investors. It's still rather thinly traded, and at a closing price of $21.44 today, it's a little bit undervalued.

        Again, this bank has added so many layers of pricey managers in 2005-06 and is moving in a number of new directions. There is a considerable amount of assimilation that needs to take place before their house is completely in order. We've had this speculation before over the last 3-4 years about a potential buy-out candidate. For all I know it could be in the works as we speak, however, with what the bank is doing as to adding personnel and the new directions it is taking, I just don't see an acquisition occurring in the near future.

    • I don't see it. At least not as of yet. This bank is still trying to acclimate/accommodate it's continual growth and additions to staff. I don't think that it's quite ready to be acquired; at least not until they get thier own house in order. CEO has stated that he wants to build this into a $2 billion franchise and does not appear ready to sell off the bank at this time.

      It's been a well established fact that the bank's board is not open to growth via acquistion, so I'd venture to guess that the purchase of another bank is not in the works. Tock price and trade volume has been a little depressing over the past few months. It is a good institution that is now listed on NASDAQ, and is working towards finding investors. I'm speculating 2-3 years before this bank is acquired.