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  • raybestos76 raybestos76 Dec 6, 2013 6:03 AM Flag

    Let's Not Get Carried Away With Japan


    It could prove to be an important part of the ATHX future, but right now it is not the most important part of the unfolding potential at ATHX and should be kept in the proper perspective. I do not believe that it is necessarily the prime mover in the recent SP run-up at ATHX. In fact, if you look at CYTX (for which Japan is potentially much more important than for ATHX), CYTX's SP has gotten relatively no increase from the Japan news.

    Even though the recent strength in the SP of ATHX is not due in much degree to Japan imo, I do feel that the strength is very real and ongoing, and could be explosive given the right news event. JMHO.

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    • Someone correct me where I'm wrong, but what situation would occur where Japan does NOT become the first country where the Company's Multistem product is commercialized, if it is ever to become commercialized?

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    • I have a better idea. LETS get carried away with Japan!

      Have you ever been there? It's awesome!

      Also, the fact that they can start using Multistem, without having to prove efficacy, is such a BIG opportunity, that if you don't want to get carried away with Japan, you should probably sell your stock.

      Have an awesome day!

    • Ray,
      IMO, Japan will be a huge role in ATHX future (and likely many other promising stem cell Co's). Because, Japan has initiated and moved forward with what other major-economy countries have deliberately held back (again, I posted previously: Im sure that it has nothing to do with Big Pharm lining the pockets in those countries.) What Japan has really started, is what will turn out as a domino effect as these other countries will not be able to ignore the progression in Japan and will have to jump on board now. Big Pharm will also feel these vibes and likely start gobbling up Stem related Co's.

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