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  • usa.biotech usa.biotech Mar 14, 2014 10:57 AM Flag

    The volatility period for ATHX

    Though retail investors don't enjoy this period of ownership... It almost always happens in biotech and is especially true when you have found a good biotech stock like ATHX. Keep doing your due diligence and if you have the money buy the opportunities this period of time creates. Past ACAD investors can attest to this as ACAD dropped from the mid-upper single digits to mid single digits before taking off to where it trades today. CLDX the same game. Look how high both went.

    Some ATHX investors no doubt took profits on the ride from the $1's to $4's and continued from the upper $3's to sell. Those sellers have\had choices. Invest that profit in other area's to diversify, a smart move or use that money to reinvest on pullbacks like today's, also, a smart move if you've done due diligence and believe ATHX will go higher. Other options may be to have held everything so as not to miss the boat on a "real run".

    The point I'm trying to make, no matter the choice low holding ATHX investors have made, they're likely still keeping an eye on Athersys. Drops like today are points many are re-entering and making the float smaller again. I can tell you what I see. I see the Athersys CEO as a hard working man who looked tired in his last video with "The Street", yet, still did a great job. We then found out in the earnings CC that Gil had to be excused for family issues (probably health), likely, why he was tried looking in The Street video. Gil continued to due his duty as seen by the fact he still held that video spot with The Street. This is a CEO with class!! I also see a platform to believe in and new opportunity in the lower share price created today. Many investors will see it the same way. Today is what I call a marker day. A marker day is where many core positions are established or increased. The mark for new shares after today is then to buy on any weakness that brings the stock under the marker buy today.

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    • I can see why you are calling today "a marker day". It is likely that many poorly informed investors got scared away from the downdraft in share price.
      Today, however, is not a "marker day" in my opinion.
      Because of the Ukranian crises, I would wait and not call for "a marker day" untilafter Monday. This is the day following the Crimea vote to succeed on Sunday. If they vote yes to succession, the markets may hold their breath and feel very insecure. Regardless of fundamentals, many stocks would faulter. After this crisis is resolved, THAT would be the best time to buy (on weakness).
      Whether you agree or not, markets follow the trend during a crisis situation. Until the crisis I resolved, it is better to stay put.

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    • usa.biotech,

      Very well said and I can attest to your thesis from years of investing in ONLY biotechs that are primarily listed on the Nasdaq. I bought a few today and if we go too much lower I will pull out the stops and really get serious. Right now I have a little less than half my portfolio in this company and I have no qualms about going a lot higher if that is where the big boys want to push the price.

      IMHO... do your own DD

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      • I would do the same, if I had not already invested 75% of my portfolio. Yes, the big players may mess around with our psyches and drive the prices down in order to accumulate more shares. This is not going to scare me away. Actually, I am very fortunate to have a medical background and understand the science. It is going to be revolutionary. For those illiterate in stem cells,I recommend reading Paul Knoepfler's book:
        "Stem Cells", An insiders Guide. Although it is elementary and written for neophytes, Paul gives many references for further learning for those who want to know more AND be at the cutting edge.

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    • Great post as always USA Biotech. I remember the ACAD message board being flooded with "overvalued" comments when ACAD was trading at $2.00. I bought my position at $1.60 and sold most off between $6 and $7 when I let the bashers get to me. Never again.

    • excellent thread here, see article as well on CVM and their Superdrug potential for tumors

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    • Agreed. I had ACAD at 2.50 and sold at 7.25... look where it is now. ATHX is the next big stock to move like that, and possibly even more, IMO, and I'm not letting a share go. Longs know what we have and continue adding on dips like we are seeing today.

    • My thanks to both of you.
      Well said!

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    • Long term price targets not so long term... :-)

      Athersys has a $15 target here: See the conclusion.

      WBB Securities put out a 12 month $9 price target on January 9th, 2014

      Maxim Group has a $10 target an increase from a previous $6 target

      In the Crains Cleveland Business article - The stock is still “dramatically undervalued,” Mr. Kolbert said, noting that it should reach $10 a share within a year.

      But if Athersys produces strong data in its Phase II trials, the company could blow away his $10 target, he said. Even $100 a share would be feasible if the stroke technology becomes a widely available product, Mr. Kolbert said, given that about two million people have strokes each year in the United States, Europe and Japan. Mr. Kolbert estimates Athersys would sell MultiStem treatments for $25,000 or more.

      Excluding the $100 price target and using just the one $10 price target we have... $15, $9, and $10 or an average of $11.33 a share by years end predicted. The $15 target accounts for both trials releasing good results and at least one other solid catalyst occurring in 2014 like a Japan partnership or partnering for GVHD, AMI, or the obesity drug.

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